1 degree

To say this is soup weather is an understatement.
Today we are staying in, being cozy and keeping warm. I am planning to wear my bathrobe over my clothes all day… And I am not ashamed.

Everyday presents opportunities.

Because of this chill I have learned a few things…
Our dog Sophie a Great Pyrenees is extremely cold tolerant and this breed will do great in this weather. We had considered bringing her into the workshop, but she would have barked all night. It was reassuring to read what a cold tolerant breed she is!

Chickens are also extremely cold tolerant. Yay! Specifically, the black australorp, which is my young new flock for the spring.

Today is a great day for staying in and reading aloud. My eldest has been reading stories by Robert Louis Stevenson to us.

It is a perfect day for inside creativity like playdough or painting… I look forward to seeing where this takes us.

It’s a perfect day for teaching the kids to make bread to go with dinner, yes! dinner will be soup!
Soup is warming and delightful on days like this. I might try something like This… Or this

Some people aren’t as warm as we are…. If you would like to contribute to a family in need of heating fuel, contact me. I know of a need.

What are you doing on this well below freezing day?


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  1. Having our first fire in the fireplace. Paul was sent home from work because the cold resulted in a machine not functioning properly. I have already held my sweet six-day-old grandson and wished his parents a Happy Ninth Anniversary. Smelling the chili that Paul is making – YUM!!! And next, I will go SWIMMING! Yes, some friends from church allow me to use their Endless Pool for my year-round favorite exercise. And after showering off I will READ in their house while my hair dries and I wait tp pick up my daughter from her first play rehearsal!

    Stay warm!

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