10 Minute Trick – it all adds up

Just suck it up. I don’t sweep much when I am serious about doing the floors. I vacuum. Hard wood, ceramic, linoleum, what-ev. A vacuum just does a better job of getting all that ‘mess’ out of the house. Just be careful depending on the kind of vacuum you have to not scratch your floors (it could happen I guess…another reason I LOVE tile).

Today has been an amazing nap day for the little guy in spite of his bad night last night… after waking every 1.5 hours several times last night, he finally slept for a ‘long stretch’ of 3 early this morning.

In any case… Here are some of the 10 minute activities I have managed today.

vaccum – 10 min

mop – 10 min

make split pea soup – 10 min (i used chorizo in this instead of a ham bone because it’s what i had).

snack and view – 10 min (make the kids an awesome homemade yogurt and applesauce ‘sundae’ with a sprinkle of sugar cereal on top while they watched 10 min of ‘Ancient Chinese Inventions’.)

fold laundry 2 x 10 min

1 blog post – 10 min

deal with naughty 2 year old- 10 minutes x ???




5 Responses to “10 Minute Trick – it all adds up”

  1. john pearson says:

    The vacuum trick reminds me of a funny story. Years ago my sister-in-law, Andrea, was cooking in her kitchen when she suddenly heard the vacuum turn on in her bathroom. Suspecting her toddler had hit the ‘on’ switch she knew she had to go in and turn it off. Just as she was about to walk she heard a second much more concerning sound from the same room. Walking to the bathroom she could hear the vacuum’s normally high pitched air pump suddenly thump and turn change to a deep low growl. She quickened her pace and arrived barely in time to jerk the vacuum’s electrical plug from the wall. Her toddler son Joel, age about 2, had indeed managed to turn the vacuum on and after doing so, he then decided to use the vacuum nozzle to suck all the contents of the toilet bowl up into the machine. Fortunately, Joel was not hurt. The vacuum however was never the same…

    Two observations come to mind: First; Just goes to show that some things are better left cleaned, not vacuumed… And Second; it proves the “kid’s corollary rule to the 10 minute trick”, which states that anything Mom can straighten up in 10 minutes, will only take only 1 kid, 1 minute, to mess up again!

    • Anita says:

      i love this… very important lesson learned here… i had to disassemble the vacuum the other day to find a lincoln log in there. could have been much much worse.
      not only can kids mess if up in 1/10 the time, they make 200% the mess!

  2. Jesseka says:

    Ten minute trick- troll the blogs you follow (mom, Anita and Jasmine) while you postpone putting William down for a nap.

  3. Bobbie says:

    in 10 mins… one could do just about anything… today while waiting for dad to get to the car…I emptied and cleaned one shelf! love it!!

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