10 Minute Trick – Pasta Puttanesca

Darling Nigella,

I am not sure if I love you or if you make me squirm… I am just not sure. You eat with your hands and in bed! Perhaps it’s my inner sense of modesty… my conservative up bringing that keeps me from diving in 100%. Sluts’ Spaghetti? Really? I have to confess that I’ve never even made a ‘Better than Sex’ cake, I just can’t cope with it on an emotional level. But, this recipe seems like a tasty and affordable  10 Minute Trick meal. Pasta Puttanesca…

My husband loved you last night just for not throwing away those delicious meat juices from the lamb recipe, although he was keen on drinking them straight instead of drizzling them over the meat (and when you added that glorious knob of butter, well, I think that was the moment that you really had us). You don’t throw away good bits, you are frugal and scandalous and you eat in bed. We like that. Wait, do I like that? I’m not sure… I guess I will just have to keep watching to be sure.

In any case I am quite happy to share your simple and sensuous (ok, maybe that’s too much) recipe for these ‘golden strands’ as you say… but only because this trick is quik and cheap.

Slut’s Spaghetti

3 anchovies

2 cloves garlic

1/4 tsp dried chili (or to taste)

1 tin tomatoes

1/2 c black olives

1 tbs capers

olive oil

spaghetti (enough for 2 servings)


Heat olive oil in a pan, add chopped anchovies, two cloves of garlic and dried chili’s. Boil spaghetti water while you are doing this… add spaghetti… Add tomatoes to the garlic mixture, capers and black olives. Add 1/4 c of water from the boiling pasta. Cook al dente and add to the sauce, give a toss, sprinkle with parsley and it’s ready. For the sake of decency however, I would recommend serving this properly at the table with a fork and a large spoon to keep all that pasta twirling in order.



3 Responses to “10 Minute Trick – Pasta Puttanesca”

  1. Jen Reckley says:

    Oh no! More youtube cooking shows;) LOVE IT! I am totally making this for CLiff and I on a
    “couch” date night!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Katrina says:

    Oh heavens! I kind of feel like I need a shower after watching that video. :) I think she kind of had me on board until she took the whole dang POT to bed with her. That was just a little too much for even me.

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