10 Minute Tricks, I’m at it again.

Two more 10 minute tricks…

Made Homemade play dough with the kids… They LOVED it!

I made homemade yogurt.

homemade yogurt, yum yum.

This is very easy, and even though the setting time takes longer, the actual prep is about 3 minutes. Some people go to a lot of fuss and complicated nonsense (excuse me)… but this is what I do and it works really well.

Here we go…

Pour milk into clean jars (yes, that is right, straight out of the container, do not boil first), add 1 tbs yogurt per jar, stir.

Heat oven to 110 degrees F. Place jars in the oven for 5-6 hours, then turn it off and allow to sit overnight. In the morning you will have yogurt, refrigerate and enjoy!

I make about 4 qts of this a week for the family. It’s cheap, easy and there is no packaging waste.



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  1. Jen says:

    Two of my favorite homemade things to make! Keeps kids happy too!

  2. Yay! I’m glad they enjoyed the playdough! Your yogurt recipe looks neat, I may have to try that!

  3. Marion Pearce says:

    I never tried using the oven – what a good idea! I used to have a yoghurt maker but it was not that great, and only made six tiny pots. I might just try this – all that boiling and leaving to cool was so annoying!

  4. domus.domini says:

    Once upon a time, when there was a kid, who also had play dough and yogurt on the same table and while intently trying to imagine “into what” he might fashion the play dough he came up with a new and exciting compound that was ingeniously named Yo-dough. That’s right, it was a mixture, as is so often the case, of the ingredients immediately at hand, yogurt and play dough… Wow! is all I can say. Now, although Yo-dough, isn’t really poisonous… and, even though one can actually eat it and, [it’s been said…] that, it doesn’t really taste all THAT bad… It IS nevertheless a bit like a huge meat dish after a long vegan fast (or so I’ve heard…) and, then later, also, very distressing and can very quickly turn any normally active and spunky kid into a fully-baked couch potato… [Larger quantities of course inclining a child toward longer couch-potatoing periods…] So, be careful and take precautions when mixing two good things to produce a hybrid… Some hybrids are best left undiscovered.
    [So, is this really just an urban legend?… or..., does it even matter… ]

  5. Kelly Webster says:

    What a great recipe. I might just throw out my TWO yogurt makers if this works for me. That would be quite liberating. I love to make yogurt but hate to boil anything. :)

  6. Kelly Webster says:

    I tried making the yogurt and didn’t realize that you had to leave the oven on for the 5-6 hours. Jason actually tried making it last night and put the jars in the oven and turned the oven on to 110 and then turned it off. I woke up and saw the jars and they were still milk :(

    The main problem that we are having is that our oven’s lowest temperature is 170 so I don’t think this method will work for us.

    • anitajoye says:

      Well, as a last ditch effort at getting rid of your yogurt makers, try this… it has worked me me in the past.

      After baking something on 350 or so (ie, normal ‘baking’) when the oven is well heated, put the jars in the hot oven and shut the door overnight. This has also worked for me… it’s an even lazier way of doing it!!!

      • Kelly Webster says:

        So, the extra heat didn’t kill the good bacteria? I thought about doing that but wasn’t sure if it was “too hot.”

        • anitajoye says:

          well, i don’t think so… i think it actually just manages to pull it up to temp, but it doesn’t take it as hot as the oven. i think that if it killed the bacteria it wouldn’t set… right?

      • Cassandra says:

        That’s more than sesnilbe! That’s a great post!

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