A bird in the hand… Kindness from a stranger

Recently I was in the market for quail eggs. My 9 yr old son expressed a desire to have his own project raising a smaller bird than a chicken. I was happy to help him with this project and consider it one of the benefits of the type of schooling that we do… we have time to invest in interesting projects.

My area for some reason doesn’t have quail or quail eggs within an hour  (or more) and sending via post adds an element of risk with delicate eggs.

While seeing my sisters in NC I was able to find someone locally who kept quail and was selling hatching eggs. After a few texts back and forth I asked my sister if she’d drive me over. The woman offered to give me the eggs for a lower cost because it was for my sons project… very kind.

I was still arranging transportation and determining if it was a possibility when she texted me and said that she had someone bail on an order and was happy to let me have his order for FREE. She just didn’t want them to go to waste.

Very, very kind.

Then, she agreed to meet us at Trader Joe’s (halfway). So, let’s review… she was willing to meet us halfway at the expense of her time and gas money and give away the eggs for free. What in the world does she have to gain in this?  I was struck… her kindness to a stranger was without gain, without promise of reward, it was not even convenient. There was nothing in it for her.

That was over and above kindness.

When I met her she reminded me so much of my friend Martha… sitting there with her dog, she had a sweetness, a kindness and gentleness and she was just as happy to pass on the eggs as I was to receive them.

I arrived  home and showed my son…. BIG HUG and a hearty THANKS MOM!!!

(Of course, I paid her anyway, my son had a ‘budget’ for his eggs and was making an investment, so I think it’s important that he realizes that there is value in what he is purchasing).

So, when was the last time you were kind to a stranger? Or, that a stranger was kind to you?

Now is the time to ‘pay it forward’. I’d love to hear how this works out in your life! I find that usually if I ask for an opportunity one will present itselfand it is a blessing. 



8 Responses to “A bird in the hand… Kindness from a stranger”

  1. John says:

    Great story. I hope he has a good place to raise them and help them be protected from the critters because the critters like the quail as much as we like their eggs!

    • anitajoye says:

      yes! we are working on that. 2 more weeks before hatch and a couple weeks in a bin… elijah will be building his own pen with assistance and is really excited about the project :).

  2. Jeani Eastrly says:

    This is inspiring. I loved those commercials that showed someone doing an act of kindness and others watching and being inspired to be kind to another, and another, and another. A ripple effect of kind acts. That’s what this post has done for me. Thanks.

  3. John says:

    So, How do you keep the little birds warm until they get out of their shells?… You need an incubator I think. [Joel and I built one for his chicken project but, he hasn't been using it lately, I'm not sure why.] What are you using? I know they have to be kept warm. If they get cold, the little birds turn into sludge in the shell… sorry…

  4. Jen says:

    Sure is contagious huh!! Love how showing kindness transfers person to person and perfect strangers. Best of luck to Elijah! I was just looking over pictures from Emma’s trip to France with me. What fun and Jude was soooooo little!! Good times!
    Hugs to you and yours!

  5. John says:

    So, how are these little birds doing? I hope they’re doing well..

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