A fairy tale ending

dress up is good, even in math.

The past two days have been rough with the whole homeschooling situation. My peppy 2nd grader is rounding 1,000′s.

So, this is the process that I take her through…

(Looking at the number for example 7,132…)

Between what two numbers are we rounding? correct answer 7-8,000 (occasionally the answer would be 3,000!???)

What # is in the hundreds place? 1

Is it less than 5? if yes- round down to 7,000, if no, round up to 8,000.

Simple right?!!!

No, not simple… tears, frustration, REALLY silly answers.

I found this vid on youtube that has has remarkably few views.

The teacher starts and it goes like this…

Which number is Cinderella? the kids reply, “The 7!!!!!!!!!”

Which number is the fairy god-mother? “The 1!!!”

Does the fairy God mother have enough power?!?!?!?


So, naturally everything else turns to zero and the 1 doesn’t get ‘enough power’ to turn into a 2.

She got it. Yes. She got it from that very sillllllly youtube. I can hardly even believe it…


I don’t know… but hey, it worked!

Have your kids had any crazy Cinderella like helpers that helped turn on the light bulb?!

I really love Cinderella today.

6 Responses to “A fairy tale ending”

  1. Jesseka says:

    hahahahaha!!!! I love it!

  2. Jeani Easterly says:

    Use whatever works! This one made me laugh. I will keep it in the memory banks for future reference. THANKS!

  3. Elizabeth F says:

    (comment club)
    I need to find videos like that for dd reading. My parents used to use ANYTHING they could ge their hands on to teach my nephew when they had him we all used anything from skittles to power tools. Heck I only learned how to add fractions because I love to bake.

  4. Lucy says:

    Awesome!!! I think that’s great! I wish I had exciting ways to help me get maths when I was little. Btw love the photo! (From comment club)

  5. Sam says:

    That is so sweet, I’m glad you found something that worked for her (i guess you had to make it relevant to her interests). I love that moment, where they are struggling with something and then all of a sudden they GET IT and everything is so easy from there on out. One of my (many) favorite parts of parenting.

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