a little this, a little that, and whole lot more of the other….

a little work…

we have decided that every other saturday is ‘family work day’. afterwards we have icecream for dinner and dinner, well, for dessert. :) a few of the tasks we have accomplished… trimming the hedges, scraping paint of glass door, organizing and sorting homeschool center, deep cleaning kids room (they did  a GREAT job last week!). coming soon, turning our front driveway into a place we might like to hang out… planting flowers, putting out the table and chairs and general organization, oh and my closet… ugh. ugh. ugh.

a little play…

when it’s not work day we will go somewhere and spend the day as a family. a pic nik, a beautiful landscape, a park, hike, the zoo, the beach. when we get home, everyone is exhausted.every.time. early to bed for the kids and early to relax for us, a perfect day. now, when i say play, it doesn’t mean we get to do what we want all day. it means that we are spending valuable relationship building time with our kids just ‘playing’. if you look back at our pictures of Les Baux you will see a family play day. here are some of our pictures from our trip to the aquarium in Montpellier last weekend (thanks to Groupon.fr we got 1/2 tickets!).

and a whole lot more of what?

balance… it’s amazing what a little balance can do. instead of doing the same old thing, hanging around the house doing chores, preparing meals and having naps… we spend quality time with our kids making memories, learning, talking, enjoying each others company. a whole lot more family time.

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