A spring in my heart

It’s the end of February and boy… I am totally into this whole ‘spring is almost here’ business.

This is what we are up to…

Hatching day downstairs for tester batch of eggs! One down 15 to go! I love hatching chicks. They are so cute, but I can’t keep them, so I am selling them. I started with 21, some were not fertile because the hens are new layers. Sixteen made the cut. As I use the eggs and check for fertility more and more show signs, almost all at this point, so that will mean better hatches every time!


Propagating hydrangeas for spring landscaping projects. I need to landscape some very shaded areas, my plan at this point is to put in hydrangea, creeping thyme, and maybe some hostas? Any input is welcome!

Planning a cutting flower scheme for the front bed areas. I think I will keep most of the veg in the back yard this year since i now have the raised beds and focus on gorgeous flowers and herbs to adorn our home. I have a wonderful husband who expresses his love for me through bringing me manure.

Growing sweet potato slips.

Planting lettuce indoors In plastic muffin containers with tops, will make great tiny green house’s.

Enjoying having a nephew here for the day.

Taking the kids to the movies this evening.

Dealing with a very independent three year old.

Dreaming of spring…

Planning and scheming about making my own jamon serrano… Which is like Italian proscuitto. Watch this…

Super happy that my nephew Joel was able to fix my juicer motor… Haven’t juiced in weeks and I miss it.

Skipping school… Because we can! (Unless someone gets ‘bored’ or whines, in which case time to do math drills!!)

Meeting with friends for a Skype call. Yay!

2 Responses to “A spring in my heart”

  1. mom says:

    So, will you make Jamon Serrano? What a terrific idea! Life would sure be hard without it!! By the by, I like your new blog style. I’m excited to see ‘how your garden grows’ in your new little house.

  2. anitajoye says:

    well, i am trying to buy half of one of bobbies pigs, am waiting for pricing…
    excited about the prospect of making my own ‘charcuterie’. :)

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