An opportunity

Three weeks ago I injured myself while wrestling a possum in the back 40. What was I to do? I had to protect my kids and livestock… I came out with a torn rotator cuff, but hey, we had a tasty possum stew with mashed potatoes for dinner. My son took the pelt and made himself a possum hat (waste not, want not…), and a pair of under garments. They are very warm so he might have to wait until fall to get full use of them since spring is finally here.

So, all that to say, I can’t go to pottery class for awhile. Pottery was a creative outlet for me. I got to go and create and not be responsible for anyone for a few hours a week. It was glorious.

I decided that I cannot give up my Tuesday nights just because I have a (heros) injury. So, I am taking an opportunity to work on something I used to do quite a bit of, before it became easy and instant… Photography. I used to sport a Pentax k-1000, fully manual camera that I developed in the photo lab. I’d spend hours in that lab the way I do now in the pottery studio. It never felt like hours, it felt like minutes. It was an instant time machine, propelling you into the future before you were ready…

Eventually, I gave into the digital revolution and began taking photos the easy way. I like that too. So, all THAT to say, I took some pictures tonight. Tonights theme was ‘nature around here’ or ‘pretty things i love’ . I hope you enjoy them. I look forward to taking more next week.

Any themes to suggest?

Perhaps it will inspire you to get out and create something yourself?








I picked these from my mom and dads yard. Thanks mom and dad!

Oh and here’s a photo of that crazy possum….


3 Responses to “An opportunity”

  1. mom says:

    What great photos! Any of those forest shots from our yard? I can’t believe you found flowers! The deer didn’t eat them!!?? Weird, they eat EVERYTHING! I hope you get a bouquet every week!
    For your next theme, how about bugs… I know you’ll find a stink bug. The boys will love looking at those photos and there are some interesting creatures out there! Did I tell you that we found a stink bug here??! Yikes, they are everywhere!
    Love reading your posts! Good job using your recovery time to relax and enjoy life!

  2. Dave says:

    Great pics and I hope you heal up soon. Can we also get pictures of the hat and under garments? Sounds like a great homemade gift idea!

  3. Heather says:

    Great story and beautiful photos!

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