Around the farm(ers tan)

Today I worked on my farmers tan.
I planted 4 grape vines and hoed and spread seed for about 30 feet of carnations and dahlias. I also planted melons (more tomorrow!!!) and Elijah planted his jumbo pumpkin seeds. He wants to grow a whopper. All this time outside is good for my soul and it works great for the little guy, Jude the dude, because all he wants to do right now is “GO GO!!!”… and talk about ‘go go’s’. His new aura is definitely rosy with a halo of curly sweaty hair. I work and keep one eye on him and and eye on where I’m hoeing while he stomps around the yard. He’s something like this Will Farrell photo but smaller and much cuter, and really not.
I’ll try to get a photo tomorrow of Jude with his new summer mojo. But for now, I hope you enjoy this photo of Will.

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  1. isabelle says:

    great minds think alike (LOL) … i planted some kale seeds today !

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