blue corn grits

blue corn grits with pepper jack cheese and bacon. oh. yeah.

Yesterday we went to the Lynchburg Community Market. I purchased 2 lbs of blue corn grits from Morgan, owner of Wildflour Mill. According to this site…

Studies have shown that blue corn is higher in the amino acid lysine, the antioxidant anthocyanin, zinc and iron than most yellow or white corn. Blue corn also contains Vitamins A and Thiamine, B2, and niacin. Research has found that blue corn tortillas contain more protein than their yellow or white corn counterparts, as well as lower starch content and lower glycemic index (GI). Food with a lower starch and lower GI breaks down more slowly into sugars absorbed by the blood stream and can help people avoid spikes in blood sugar levels, which can be helpful for people on low GI diets, such as diabetics.

Morgan suggests 1 cup of grits to 4 cups of water. I added salt at the end to season and a generous amount of cheese and a slice of bacon. I can honestly say that I am still full from this mornings brunch. I will be purchasing these again, simply because of the higher nutritional value of blue corn vs the traditional quik grits that we often purchase.
Wildflour Mill of Lynchburg can be found on Facebook and at the Lynchburg Community Market on Saturday morning (and more maybe, but that’s when I was there).

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  1. that really looks good. … scoop it up with tortilla chips… as a dip!

  2. Rebekah says:

    Good work on that photo! :)

  3. Anitajoye says:

    thanks! i was trying!! obviously…

  4. Susan says:

    And they are delicious!

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