Canine Confession, homemade dog food

Many of you know that I’m not really a dog person… And yet, we have a big ol’ great pyrenees dog to protect our chickens, and she does a good job. We like her.. :)

Sophie, the afore mentioned dog has become more and more picky with her food, leaving it, which then attracts scavengers into the yard (when she is fenced in with the chickens at night the foxes come and munch on her leftovers!!). Dog food is expensive and if there is anything I really have little tolerance for it is waste! So, we are using the remainder of her dog food to mix in small amounts with food that I am actually cooking for her.

Yes, that is right. I am cooking for my dog.
I am now rolling my eyes at myself, talking about myself behind my back and calling myself ridiculous. (Feel free to do the same, or not, since I already have.)

You might think that it is more expensive, last weeks food of rice, sweet potato peelings and beef cost me under $4 for the entire week.
This weeks meals which are brown rice, beef liver, sweet potato peelings and okra comes it at about $1.50, that’s for the whole week, not per meal.

I’m not sauteeing, developing flavors, seasoning or fussing… It all gets thrown into a pot and cooked till done. But Sophie loves it! Even with a little of her dreaded kibble thrown in.
Have you ever made your own pet food? Have any recipes or anecdotes to share?


3 Responses to “Canine Confession, homemade dog food”

  1. Jesseka says:

    The photo is a gagger but I can see how it would be a $$ saver. I chopped liver for the cat one time… :)

  2. Kelsey Barton says:

    I would love instructions/recipes! Thank you!!!

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