Week 6: Uncluttered, the kitchen


The kitchen seemed like a pretty obvious place to start, so, I actually started that many weeks ago. However, my lovely daughter helped me go through a drawer and find some nonsense that needed to go.    In addition, we are not grocery shopping for the month of June. We are eating out of the […]

the vine borer: or ‘how to do plant surgery’.


I have always wanted to do surgery, so I won’t lie when I say that I kind of enjoy this process.   Vine borers are a bunch of jerks, so I’m happy to eliminate them. You can tell it’s vine borers by the sawdust like grossness they leave on the outside of the stem, but you […]

Week 5: Uncluttered


Week 5 of the Uncluttered course was focused on wardrobe. However, my wardrobe is an area that I had already minimized and is currently in maintenance mode. There is another area in my life that needs work. We have a sunroom… shoe room… mud room. It’s a mess. I don’t mean that it is always […]

Week 4: Uncluttered


So, let’s talk about reality. Week four of uncluttered was a challenge for me… a sick child, doctors appointments, piglets arriving 10 days early in a rain storm (of course…), catch up after vacation, commitments that couldn’t be rescheduled and general family stress. Rough.  I was supposed to have my bedroom done this week. I […]

‘Uncluttered’ a further step into minimalism

More with Less

5 years ago when we moved back from France, we moved into a home with 17 bins and the clothes on our backs. We walked into a home. No, not a house, a home… Friends and family had furnished and provided for almost every single thing we needed, and more. We began to unpack the […]

How to stay above water when the medical bills hit.


Sometimes life is unpredictable, actually usually it is! No one anticiaptes a major illness or injury and even with insurance the medical bills can pile up. I’m currently in the aftermath of a torn rotator cuff, and the bills have started to arrive! This is only the beginning! But, I learned a few things after […]

How to save: from ZERO to $136 mo

I wrote an article on saving for and it posted today! Very exciting for me. You can check it out here. If this is your first visit to my blog, I hope you will subscribe. I write about a little of everything over here, budget, recipes, simplicity, and anything in between. You will see […]