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Week 8: Uncluttered

The theme for week 8 was ‘Stay Uncluttered’. I’m going to make this post short and sweet and bullet point the habits that I am working on developing. 1. Don’t buy it in the first place. Find a way to stay out of stores, I did this by not shopping for the entire month of […]

Week 7: Uncluttered

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In week 7 I experienced an amazing victory, which coincided perfectly with this weeks lesson, Uncluttering as a family. My 11 yr old daughter came to me with lists of items she felt needed to be reduced. I gave her reign to do it and she accomplished these tasks, among them, the kitchen large utensil […]

Week 6: Uncluttered, the kitchen


The kitchen seemed like a pretty obvious place to start, so, I actually started that many weeks ago. However, my lovely daughter helped me go through a drawer and find some nonsense that needed to go.    In addition, we are not grocery shopping for the month of June. We are eating out of the […]

the vine borer: or ‘how to do plant surgery’.


I have always wanted to do surgery, so I won’t lie when I say that I kind of enjoy this process.   Vine borers are a bunch of jerks, so I’m happy to eliminate them. You can tell it’s vine borers by the sawdust like grossness they leave on the outside of the stem, but you […]

Farm Update

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This year our little farm is taking off. The two older kids each have their own 4H gardens and are working hard at maintaining them. Neil built me a great new chicken coop pretty much entirely from salvaged materials. We plant to put siding on it, but in the meantime, the chickens are enjoying it. […]

Week 5: Uncluttered


Week 5 of the Uncluttered course was focused on wardrobe. However, my wardrobe is an area that I had already minimized and is currently in maintenance mode. There is another area in my life that needs work. We have a sunroom… shoe room… mud room. It’s a mess. I don’t mean that it is always […]

Week 4: Uncluttered


So, let’s talk about reality. Week four of uncluttered was a challenge for me… a sick child, doctors appointments, piglets arriving 10 days early in a rain storm (of course…), catch up after vacation, commitments that couldn’t be rescheduled and general family stress. Rough.  I was supposed to have my bedroom done this week. I […]

Weeks 2-3: Uncluttered

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For week 3, I was delightfully at the beach. This post will contain things accomplished in week 2 and reflections from week 3. Week 2… More bags were taken to the Goodwill and when we left for the beach at the end of week 2, the house was not only clean (a usual habit prior […]

Week One Uncluttered

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In week one of a renewed minimizing effort through the Joshua Becker course ‘Uncluttered’ I established my purpose statement and began the unloading of the superfluous. I started with Me. My wardrobe… among the too large and too small, maternity, postpartum and just in case, I also got rid of really gorgeous pair of heels […]

‘Uncluttered’ a further step into minimalism

More with Less

5 years ago when we moved back from France, we moved into a home with 17 bins and the clothes on our backs. We walked into a home. No, not a house, a home… Friends and family had furnished and provided for almost every single thing we needed, and more. We began to unpack the […]

Moving Forward


The other night I tucked my little, red headed, 4 yr old into his bed. We sang the songs, prayed the prayers and finished little chats about things running through his mind at the end of his busy day. Every day is busy for him. His little body barely stops moving, his mind seems to […]

Dear Jude,

Hey Jude, Don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. (Remember when a group of 5 women sang this to you on new years eve to help you sleep?) No seriously my little love, this is what your life has been since you were born. At two weeks we took you […]

Summer spending money game


  Today I am trying something new.  1. Write out a chore (this is an extra chore, not on the list of everyday chores). 2. Wrap it up in a dollar bill  3. Allow the child to pick the dollar randomly.  4. Child must accept the chore as written and accomplish. After all, they have already […]

Farmelette update June


The critters around here are just getting cuter and cuter!  Little Baby emerged from under the shed with 12 sweet babies! We will sell 8 and keep 4. Each child can pick one to keep. I’m tempted to keep one myself!   Our sweet goat Martha had her babies yesterday. She gave birth to a […]

Our favorite reading incentive programs for this year.


Earn money for reading with TD Bank. Earn pizza for reading with the  Book It program. If your kids are feeling philanthropic…. Try the Read To Feed program.  One of my children is an avid reader, the other needs some encouragement. This is a great way to motivate them to continue! 

Dates and more dates…


  The first date… July 14, the day little guy is supposed to be done cooking. I don’t mind going a little over, it seems to be my M.O. However, three times I’ve been over enough to have that nasty ‘induction’ word spoken… Which is very stressful for me. Once my babies hear that word, they […]

RFarmlette Update


 The best thing on our property is the presence of our happy children. Digging in the dirt and playing in their fort keeps them going for hours.   Our duck Daisy hatched out 18 beautiful ducklings.  What a joy!  Within two days a predator got 15 of them within an hour. We don’t know what, but […]

Homemade mayo hack


This was super cool and it worked! And it is so, so good!!  Super fresh and tasty. I used a guinea egg, lemon, salt and half olive oil, half grape seed oil.     Here is the original link. 

‘I’m so glad I watched 7,000 movies.”

What would you do with $1,000? or 1,000 hours? There are so so many good things to do! I’ve been thinking about this since I watched this by Francis Chan. I never ever hear guilt in his exhortation, I hear a mindfulness of living in eternity with a King. I hear Life. Are we living […]

Farmlette update


We are so excited that spring has sprung! I have put in about 1/4 of our total garden space and have planted Asparagus Strawberries Kale Turnips Spinach Peas Swiss chard I have started tomatoes and peppers and it looks like I have a volunteer squash plant from last year. I’ll put in russet potatoes this […]

Every day…

I awake with the best of intentions. I set my priorities. I practice my disciplines, Hope for retention. … Not every day. Somedays I flounder, And flop. More like a drag than a hop. Eyes at half mast, Coffee on tap.  … Honesty, Integrity, Dictate that I must state, Every day is the same, Truthfully, […]

Kind Thoughts: an open letter to my critics

Dear Critics, This letter has been years in the making. It is finally time to give some perspective to the accusations, criticisms, ill feelings and unkind words that have been spoken over the years. To tell you the truth, they have at times devastated me, and sometimes have left me all but undone. I’ve spent […]

More updates


This years school schedule has been heavier than normal. South Carolina requires five subjects, which I am keeping simple, BUT 4th and 6th grade is still a heavier load than last year. So, we are doing a lot of this…. And here is Jude doing his ‘school’ which usually has something to do with planes, […]

Garden update


We have been laying cardboard for a large lasagna garden (also known as sheet composting). This past week we took a day off school and Elijah and I hauled some compost from our neighbors massive compost pile and planted beets, cilantro, spinach and radishes. I added some chard and kale that i tore out of […]