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Easy Icecream Cake


Today is Neilsters birthday. The kids and I made him an ice cream cake. This is how it works… 1 -12 count box ice cream sandwiches 1 tub chocolate frosting 1 tub cool whip, vanilla frosting OR real whipped cream (use the later I implore you!) 1 package oreos Milk (to give the kids with […]

Persimmon Bread


Our lovely new neighbors have been bringing us foraged persimmons in exchange for fresh goat milk. I decided to make some bread and used this recipe as a base…. Of course, I couldn’t follow it EXACTLY, I didn’t have vegetable oil…. So, here is my version. Persimmon Spice Quick Bread 3.5 c flour 1c brown […]

Theme song!

This year we have a theme song for our day… Here it is, enjoy. 10,000 Reasons This is what Jude calls, ‘Bless the Lord oh my sword’.

Our Home Before / After


Before After

Shhhhhh… First day of school!


Today I’m just easing into it, not even calling it school. Our first official day will be Monday. I say, not bad for having moved here not even three weeks ago… A few changes we have had moving to SC…. * School is compulsary in SC as of age 5. Evangeline has to have a […]

Pictures of Transition.


Bathroom facelift


The house is officially on the market…. And here is the finished bathroom! Before…. After….

The Lynchburg Lucky 13 Summer Bucket List


I just saw a post on the site ‘Lynchburg Mom’. It’s a great top 10 summer bucket list for things to do this summer in the Lynchburg. However, most of the things to do aren’t IN Lynchburg! I am not a mom who loves to drive around, I like to stay close, so here is […]



My friend Tina at Sawdust and Tomatoes inspired me to give a little garden update. I promise there is reason to what appears to be chaos. I’ve allowed the tomatoes to fall over, root again and now I’m staking them. I heard that this will increase yield… And I’m trying it out this year. Just […]



Lately i have been taking pictures like this…. And this… And this…. And a few like these… Sadly, this is what we’ve been up to. A job offer has been extended and accepted and we are moving to Charlotte, NC this summer. All the work we’ve done on this house will be enjoyed by someone […]

My rooster and I got into a fight…


… He kept coming at me. Remember that karate kid flamingo kick? Now, think of me, outside in the rain, wearing flip flops, kicking the rooster every time he came at me, feathers flares, zoning in on me, deciding where to attack. And in fact, that whole scene looked nothing like the karate kid. Breathing […]

Ploughcroft Tea Room birthday present


Today I went to the Ploughcroft Tea Room with the two girls. This was Ana’s gift from me for her birthday. No ‘thing’ accompanied this gift, just time and treats at the fancy shmancy tearoom. Neil’s gift to Ana was a bike helmet and date to go to ride bikes and eat a picnic together. […]

An opportunity


Three weeks ago I injured myself while wrestling a possum in the back 40. What was I to do? I had to protect my kids and livestock… I came out with a torn rotator cuff, but hey, we had a tasty possum stew with mashed potatoes for dinner. My son took the pelt and made […]

What spring looks like


Finally! Spring is here!! In the past several weeks a lot has happened…. So much bad stuff that I can’t even address it all. I am too tired. When we got home today from another emergency trip to SC (the third in three weeks), I saw all of this, and it helped me. We felt […]

Citrus Magic Cake


Sometimes when you are in someone else’s kitchen you find yourself doing things you might never do at home. Faced with limited ingredients this morning I scoured the internet looking for a lemon cake recipe that didn’t actually use any lemons. Well, I didn’t find exactly what I was looking for…. So, I made one […]

Recipe round up


hey there my peeps, I’m needing some new recipes… This evening I’ll be perusing a cook book I got a couple months ago for my birthday looking for inspiration. It’s getting old over here… Do you have any you would like to share? Please post in the comments, or post a link if you prefer.

Homemade play dough


I made this today. You can find the recipe here. I doubled it and made three colors.

A winter haiku


Winter Ha├»ku Winter leave me now Frozen coop door frosty poop Wishing for Provence In other news, you can be working on your garden right now. Here is a helpful link for what you should be be doing for your garden this month. Do you have a winter haiku in your heart waiting to burst […]

Stink bugs, it’s what’s for dinner.

So, apparently I’ve been going about this all wrong!!! We should be eating them!!! Well, now that that’s cleared up…. Check it out…. What do you think? Will you line up for a few of these crunchy tasty critters?


Travelingalong is now on instagram! Just follow us under the name, travelingalong . This should be fun!

No more stink bugs?

Could we have less stink bugs this year??? This article thinks that we may! I sure hate these little buggers! DO YOU have any tips for exterminating them??

Kroger FREE Friday deals


Do you get the Kroger free friday deals? I do! I’ve gotten free yogurt, drinks, breakfast bars etc. this week is pretty good, free South Beach bars. Perfect for quik breakfasts to go! Sign in the load this weeks coupon. Also, sometimes in my account I see coupons for FREE items. A couple weeks ago […]

Doodle for Google kids art contest


The kids will be participating in the Doodle for Google art contest. You can check it out here. They give away quite a large nugget for college and it is a fun inside activity for older kids after a cold day in the snow! Enter here! This years theme is…. If I could invent one […]

A chance at FREE milk!


Enter here for a chance to get FREE milk.