Hill City Micro Farm



My friend Tina at Sawdust and Tomatoes inspired me to give a little garden update. I promise there is reason to what appears to be chaos. I’ve allowed the tomatoes to fall over, root again and now I’m staking them. I heard that this will increase yield… And I’m trying it out this year. Just […]

Hill City Micro Farm


When I do things, I tend to do them with all my heart, even if they are small things. My little tiny micro farm is an example of this…. I love it and I want it to be fruitful. My chickens produce eggs, I incubate and sell chicks, we eat the meat if we need […]

What spring looks like


Finally! Spring is here!! In the past several weeks a lot has happened…. So much bad stuff that I can’t even address it all. I am too tired. When we got home today from another emergency trip to SC (the third in three weeks), I saw all of this, and it helped me. We felt […]

Spring chicks are here!


The hatch has begun!!!

No more stink bugs?

Could we have less stink bugs this year??? This article thinks that we may! I sure hate these little buggers! DO YOU have any tips for exterminating them??

Miss Borps Treasure


We have an escapee every day that prefers to run around the yard than be behind the fence. We cannot contain her. We have trimmed her feathers and to no avail. She escapes, clucking around the yard and being pretty. She is actually a very nice chicken as chickens go. This is what we found […]

Lacto fermentation ie saurkraut


A couple of weeks ago I participated in the making of about 8 gallons of saurkraut so that I could learn the ropes. The pink jar is from that class and has tasty beets, carrots and red onions. Mine is a simple cabbage, red onion and a couple of tiny purple carrots from my garden. […]

Canine Confession, homemade dog food


Many of you know that I’m not really a dog person… And yet, we have a big ol’ great pyrenees dog to protect our chickens, and she does a good job. We like her.. Sophie, the afore mentioned dog has become more and more picky with her food, leaving it, which then attracts scavengers into […]

Fox in the Yard

It’s 5am and I’m up with a startle. Half asleep, I heard a sharp squabble. The dog Sophie is barking up a storm. Again a chicken is sounding the horn. Hop up, on with the pants. If I’m fast, maybe I’ll have a chance. To save a chicken’s life t’would be the preference of my […]



Finally something big from the garden! I’ve had some good produce this year, but nothing that quite compares to the size of these sweet potatoes! Next year I will grow these in all the front beds as they are very attractive vines, ivy like, and grow easily on their own! I wish I had planted […]

Mobile chickens!


Quail dinner


Elijah finally got to taste the fruit of his labor.

First sale to a restaurant!!


Elijah sold a load of quail eggs to a local restaurant tonight called Jimmy on the James. We’ve been there, it’s delicious and fun!

I can


We have processed a lot of food this week. We purchased a full bushel of canning tomatoes from a local farm via the Forest Farmers market (they meet at the Forest library on Saturday mornings). I also made some spicy relish from cucs given to me by a friend and of course we will be […]



I love these cute little zucchinis. When we lived in France my friend Marie made a delicious salad from zucchini and lots of other veg. I recreated something like it today…. The ingredients are… Slivered onion Shredded zucchini or yellow squash Shredded cucumber Chopped tomatoes 1 corn cob, cut corn off, raw 1 lime Sesame […]



Here they are! The middle photo is a turkey, the last photo is a buff orpington. So cute!

Born on the 4th of July


My latest chicken hatch started yesterday with 5 chicks born on the 4th… Today we have more pips, more hatches and a turkey poult! I won’t be keeping most of these, I’m hatching for other people. There are 8 that should be buff orpingtons from my brother in Alaska. I plan to keep those for […]

7 reasons I love farm chores for kids…


While the chickens are small and in rain, we pasture them with a small greenhouse. It protects them from overhead predators, wetness and of course puts them on fresh grass to keep them from wallowing in their own poo. Poo wallowing is one of my objections to factory farming. I call it fecal matter chicken, […]