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How to stay above water when the medical bills hit.


Sometimes life is unpredictable, actually usually it is! No one anticiaptes a major illness or injury and even with insurance the medical bills can pile up. I’m currently in the aftermath of a torn rotator cuff, and the bills have started to arrive! This is only the beginning! But, I learned a few things after […]

Fox in the Yard

It’s 5am and I’m up with a startle. Half asleep, I heard a sharp squabble. The dog Sophie is barking up a storm. Again a chicken is sounding the horn. Hop up, on with the pants. If I’m fast, maybe I’ll have a chance. To save a chicken’s life t’would be the preference of my […]

Rita’s WaterIce with Dad Night


Mobile chickens!


Basement Middle Room Before and (partially) After


Middle Basement Room BEFORE  Gross huh? Well, it sometime soon be a room that we could imagine hanging out in. Middle Basement Room AFTER  

Our Apartment Before and After


Last Room BEFORE: Kind of yucky huh? Now it’s a lot more comfortable for our friends and family. See below! Last Room AFTER:    



Had a great time working with the kids. We finally grouted the whole floor in basement.



Ive been watching this house all week. i think its going to fall in. i was really hoping it would before we left.I


Crabtree Falls


grill out anyone?


Juice Recovery


So this would be Juicing Day 3 except that I stopped! By the way my stomach is still sore like I have mild cramps. Not sure why. I ate a small piece of toast and a slice of apple for breakfast, sweet potatoes and roast chicken for lunch, a piece of pie at 4:30, and […]

Juicing Day 2

Okay so I’m not sure I can really say ‘juicing’ anymore because I just ate dinner. Last night was horrible and this morning my stomach was quite sensitive. I didn’t eat breakfast and couldn’t even bring myself to drink the juice for lunch. I kept trying it all afternoon, but it reminded me too much […]

Bathroom Almost Done

We need to put in a towel rack, handtowel holder, and toilet paper holder. Also we are going to put an inset medicine cabinet in where there is currently a big hole in the wall.

Juicing: Day 1 – Disaster

**warning – a bit graphic ** Juice for Dinner Friday night Juice for breakfast and lunch on Saturday About mid-day I began having a growing dull headache and a feeling in my face throat area of a sickness coming on. Apparently this is actually common when juicing due to toxins coming out of your body. […]

Why do I want to do a JuiceFast?


Okay so I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with Anita. It was intriguing. I suggest you watch it. You can watch it here on hulu. I think I would like to juice for 9 or  10 days. What are my reasons? My main reason is this… I like the idea of a making an […]

good training

olive oil herb feta pasta

So Mom was gone the other day and it was Daddy time to do lunch. I say, hmmm, well I guess I’ll boil some pasta and then throw in a can of tuna and see what I can come up with. Ana gets curious, ‘hey dad what are you making?’. After I tell her, she […]

Kkkkkrispy Kkkkream!

that's a thumbs up!

So why can’t we get a krispy kream in south central virginia anyway?

our muggs

mugs of love

On arrival at our new home, we were met with a box. It contained coffee mugs with beautiful paintings printed on the sides. Those re-prints were paintings from our friend in Aix. She sent us personalized mugs. So awesome! I drink from one every morning. Thanks Apryl!

holiday haven

Landscape in Gap, France

On a beautiful little road heading towards our holiday rental this was our view. Sheep were roaming about and the last of the summer holiday tourists were packing up to head home before the fall season started.    

all rough and tumble

jude the dude

Here is my little surprise all rough and tumble. Screams like pterodactyl boy looking for trouble. Likes to bull-doze through knockin’ things over to see what will happen. But he melts neath his Mom’s caresses just before napp’n. This is my little guy all rough and tumble. -neil

Translation vs. Paraphrase

Found: French Fatback!

After 4 years in France, I’ve found the french version of fatback. It’s called poitrine salée. Here it is cooking on the raclette-maker last night when we had friends over.  

More from 7 habits

In continuing my reading of 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families , Covey talks about the space between a stimulus and your response. He explains how much freedom we have there to choose how we want our family to interact. And it starts with me! He explains that as the moment of the stimulus (or […]