Breakfast smoooothie


This one was inspired by a friend this morning who asked me if I’d drink raw eggs in my smoothie. I used the recipe she had as a basic guideline. The color is weird, but the flavor is realllllly good!!! This is what’s in it: Feeling Blue Breakfast Smoothie 2/3 cup blueberries 1 c raw […]

7 days of Juicing- Day 7

isn't this glass so pretty? homemade by Christina Boy.

So this is it. I present to you…my ‘BEFORE’ picture. (Neil loved me anyway, he is not a shallow guy). and now ladies and gents, the after…   So, did I quit? Well, I didn’t quit… but I didn’t continue either in a strictly liquid manner either. Last night we had some friends to dinner […]

7 days of Juicing – Day 6

i'm not so sure about you... 3:24pm the moment I realized that a nap wasn't going to happen and i'd better liquify something...

The benefits of juicing… according to this site (my experience in bold) 1.     I could think more clearly NOPE 2.     I lost a lot of weight – about a pound a day- not a chance 3.     I found myself full of energy- double nope 4.     I was more consistently positive and cheerful, no matter what come my […]

7 days of Juicing -Day 5

Photo on 1-13-13 at 12.24 PM

My husband made an interesting observation this morning. He said: “If I set my goal to Z and I make it to X, I think ‘Great! I’ll get to Y next time’. If you set your goal to Z and make it to X you feel that you have completely Failed.” After 24 hours of […]

7 days of Juice – Day 4

pineapple, kale and carrot

Very emotional and sad. Having trouble dealing with disappointments. Some people say that juicing brings this out… some say it’s the detoxing, some say it’s the emotional reliance that we have on food. I’m not sure what it is. I am also having trouble with clarity of thought and remembering things from my day. I […]

7 Days of Juicing – Day 3

Mean and Green Chipotle Soup

I have discovered something amazing, well, if you like avocados it is AMAZING. So so delicious! Mean and Green Chipotle Soup (the peppers are the ‘mean’ part) 1 avocado 1 peeled cucumber (or don’t if you have a great blender) 1 cup kale 1 cup spinach fresh jalapeno (to taste) pickled jalapeno (to taste) chipotle […]

7 days of Juice Day 2

Photo 150

Today has been just fine. Sure, I want to eat some solid food, but I’m not hungry. Today’s thought was… “There is a time for everything. Now is not the time for chinese take-out, now is the time for juicing.” (Can you tell that I’d really love some solid food?!) So, today for breakfast: Peach […]

Today’s recipes…

I started with a base of: 8 carrots 5 apples 2 cucumbers 4 stalks celery 1 cup spinach   to make Bluberry Slushy: to base juice above add 1 cup frozen bluberries and blend color: deep purple   to make Avocado Dream: to base juice above add 1 frozen banana, 1/2 avocado 1 cup of […]

Here we go again…. 7 days of Juice Day 1

blueberry slushy

I have two really fun friends doing this with me this time and we will go for 7 days. I hope that we will have the opportunity to have them share their fav recipes too! Today started with: carrot, celery, cuc, spinach and apple juice For lunch I added some bluberries (frozen) and got a nice […]



well, i did something bad. i turned my juicer on without screwing on the blade properly. well, it sounded ok at first. but then! clanking, scraping, and other nasty noises ensued. unfortunately it tore up the bottom portion of my feeder. this means that it doesn’t sit properly above the blade. this means that thin […]

juice fasting, questions and todays program.


i started my day with carrot/apple/celery juice from yesterday. todays juice is cuc/kale/cel/granny smith apple. i have a few questions for those of you who have fasted before… what do you do when you exercise? the wisdom i have heard is that you need to consume protein after a run… which is hard when juicing. normally […]

if at first you don’t succeed…

try try again. today’s juice… carrot, granny smith, celery, ginger, lime. the lime and ginger really add something. i’ll try to get some photos of the deliciousness for tomorrow, but i am off to go fishing in a canoe with my love. on the way back i need to stop and get some cucs and […]

Juice Recovery


So this would be Juicing Day 3 except that I stopped! By the way my stomach is still sore like I have mild cramps. Not sure why. I ate a small piece of toast and a slice of apple for breakfast, sweet potatoes and roast chicken for lunch, a piece of pie at 4:30, and […]


24 hours of juice… headache, swollen lymph nodes. not particularly hungry, but wanting solid food. (ended up being invited to eat chili… and what do you do? well, what i did? chili and 3 jalapenos, if juice won’t cure me those will!) another 24 hours of juice… headache better, house guests for next two days. […]

Juicing Day 2

Okay so I’m not sure I can really say ‘juicing’ anymore because I just ate dinner. Last night was horrible and this morning my stomach was quite sensitive. I didn’t eat breakfast and couldn’t even bring myself to drink the juice for lunch. I kept trying it all afternoon, but it reminded me too much […]

Juicing: Day 1 – Disaster

**warning – a bit graphic ** Juice for Dinner Friday night Juice for breakfast and lunch on Saturday About mid-day I began having a growing dull headache and a feeling in my face throat area of a sickness coming on. Apparently this is actually common when juicing due to toxins coming out of your body. […]

Why do I want to do a JuiceFast?


Okay so I watched Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead with Anita. It was intriguing. I suggest you watch it. You can watch it here on hulu. I think I would like to juice for 9 or  10 days. What are my reasons? My main reason is this… I like the idea of a making an […]