favorite things… the boy likes to cook.

my son really likes food, well, they all do and that is an understatement. my goal for all of my kids would that they grow up and know how to 1. take care for themselves 2. eat healthfully and 3. care for those around them (wife, husband, kids) through good homemade meals. so far the […]

smoked trout and mascarpone spread with truffle oil toasts

for spread, process these ingredients until JUST mixed: 1- 8 oz container mascarpone zest and juice  of 1/2 lemon 1 green onion package of smoked trout (smoked salmon works too)   for truffle oil toasts: use a good quality bread or baguette rounds. toast bread pieces under broiler until crispy after having brushed with this […]

we be jammin’

we picked wild plums and processed them into plum jam and plum sauce. bought peaches (22 lbs) and make jam and canned peaches (after the tragedy of losing 2 jars to breakage in the water bath, i only got 4 jars… :(). here is some of the ‘fruit’ of my labor. it’s a bit funny […]

Found: French Fatback!

After 4 years in France, I’ve found the french version of fatback. It’s called poitrine salée. Here it is cooking on the raclette-maker last night when we had friends over.  

use what i have menu challenge…

so, i am in another ‘i hate grocery shopping’ mood and we have had some unexpected expenses this summer, so saving a bit and using what we have is always a good idea! i have to go to the store once this week because i will be helping to make lunch for 25 hungry camp […]

neighborly lovin’

oh cherry season, i revel in you. oh wonderful Colette, you are precious. our sweet neighbor brought us a whole load of cherries, she knows how much we love them. it’s almost plum season and we will soon be heading out to pick and process these wonderful sweet and sour delights. last week my son […]

the anemics challenge

once again in pregnancy i am anemic. the iron pills make me queeeeesy, so i really need to work on getting it into my diet in other ways, although i am still making an effort to take them… it’s not er, fun. Iron requirements: Pregnant women: 27 milligrams (mg) of iron per day (seems like […]

National doughnut day?

So, yesterday I woke up from a really great long nap (I was exhausted!) and I really wanted a doughnut. Not a beignet… not a croissant… not a brioche. I wanted a doughnut. So, of course, I had to make some because sending neil out to Krispy Kreme isn’t an option. Here is the recipe […]

One week till payday menu…

I am keeping all lunches simple with fruit, veggis and sandwiches (whatever we have, pate, bean dip, cheese etc) Now, clearly there is nothing at all special or amazing about this menu. I mostly post my menu’s up because it helps keep ME on track :). We are having people from out of town either […]

The Double Duty Dinner Challenge

So, here is the challenge… Dinner must be made, but at the same time it has to do double duty for another meal, generally the next day. Here is my menu for 5 days. Comment and post your favorite double duty meals!! Day 1: Dinner: Baked chicken (or buy a pre-made rottiserrie chicken), roasted potatoes […]

Make Ahead Challenge day 3

We are super busy over here, I shouldn’t really be taking the time to write this, I should be in bed. But, it helps me SEE what I have accomplished. My husband has been busy working on the yard, I’m busy working inside with the kids, cooking, etc… and outside as he needs me. He […]

Make Ahead Challenge Day 1

This week I am concentrating on making food for later, both because I have a busy week and because I want to pack my freezer with home made delicious meals for the end of pregnancy and after the baby is born. This week I am teaching my son to make Angel Bisquits so that he […]

Pantry Challenge – TARTINE

The Tartine (pronounced tahr-teen – use your best french R there :)) You can go out to restaurants here and get this delishy thing called a Tartine. What is it? Well, simply, an open faced sandwich. You eat it with a knife and fork and it is often served with a green salad. On a […]

Pantry Challenge

This week I am not buying groceries. Last weekend I bought 20 euros worth of produce plus diapers and wipes for 16 euros. This week my goal is to spend nothing on food. (of course I need to use cloth diapers now, it’s gorgeous outside for line drying) Here is my menu: (today was ‘leftover […]

Tuscan Beef

From a recent Tuscan cooking class…. Olive oil 1/4 cup Capers in Salt – 3 tsp 6 tomatoes (skin removed) 1 small onion Garlic – 2 cloves chopped Olives – pitted black 1/2 cup flank steak (6 servings) sliced to about 1/4 inch thickness Saute onion and garlic in olive oil on low, add the […]

first spring green ‘harvest’

it makes me happy, if you can’t tell… i am going to cook these the way  my mother does, sauteed with garlic and olive oil. yummmmmmy… one of my sister’s has a flock of chickens that go through her greens patch and clear it out. within a couple of weeks everything has come back with a […]

the mother of invention…

necessity… oven is on the fritz. bread machine isn’t working because the adaptor is with the sewing machine, which is in the shop… therefore, bread made in the crockpot. yes, it worked!  

Weekly Menu

Every week I plan a menu, sometimes I am find really delish things to make, other times I am totally and completely annoyed at how un-creative I am. So here is this week… it’s not an amazing menu week, but I’m making it through. M: l: pic nik at the park d: chili and chips […]


  My Mom is a wonder… She helped me can all this wonderful food in August to put on my shelves to make my life easier (not much of it is left!). She has a huge pressure canner and is able to can meats and low acid foods. I am only able to do water […]

Sesame Chicken!

Sushi Day


Baking Day

Every couple of months I have the University ladies (and the 20 something ladies) over for a baking/cooking day. We have made some really tasty food, but more than that it gives me an opportunity to meet with and hang out with some of the younger women. We are increasingly age segregated in our communities […]