City Chicken Micro Farm

Mobile chickens!


Garden update


The garden is starting to produce. We’re mounding potatoes and picking lots of greens. I also have tons of volunteer tomatoes all over the place. I love that!



Six new chicks. My hatch didn’t go we’ll this time. I think that I don’t have good enough airflow, will be changing procedure next time around.

No commitment CSA


Ever wanted to join a CSA but felt that the commitment was just too much? Ever wanted to sell CSA shares but trembled at the thought of not being able to fill your orders should calamity happen? For the small time hobby farmer, gardener, micro mini urban farm wanna be that I have going on […]

Quail eggs


Elijah sold his first batch of quail eggs. He sells 10 for $5. If you are local and would like a treat, reserve some quail eggs and support a local micro youth operated business! They go fast!

New addition!!!


Many of you already know that I am not exactly a dog person. I’ve always preferred cats who are much more independent and I like their saucy little attitudes. The perfect combination of ‘pet me.-Now go away.’. But I have been converted to belief in dogs as useful tools on my micro-mini-mini-super-tiny wanna be farm. […]

Around the farm(ers tan)


Today I worked on my farmers tan. I planted 4 grape vines and hoed and spread seed for about 30 feet of carnations and dahlias. I also planted melons (more tomorrow!!!) and Elijah planted his jumbo pumpkin seeds. He wants to grow a whopper. All this time outside is good for my soul and it […]

Hatching now!!!


I came downstairs and look what I found!!! 16 quail chicks out of their eggs! Happy, fuzzy, oh so cute!

Springy work day weekends


Neil put up my greenhouse!!! I went inside today, it is waaaaarm and raining inside! Yay!! I also built another hugelkulture style bed before naps. It’s hard to be indoors on days like this, but I need to try to get some reading done, so off I go.

Petting fatty


Little fatty the last meat chicken made it through the last slaughter day because she was a Bit inthe small side. Jude and Evangeline like to pet her and she is too slow to really get away. We are hoping that fatty will someday lay us some fertile eggs and perhaps we can hatch little […]

A spring in my heart


It’s the end of February and boy… I am totally into this whole ‘spring is almost here’ business. This is what we are up to… Hatching day downstairs for tester batch of eggs! One down 15 to go! I love hatching chicks. They are so cute, but I can’t keep them, so I am selling […]

Get up and walk!…. Quail.

This guy had his boot removed today and it walking normally. The ankle bracelet will stay on for another day to help position his back toe.

I am just going to put it out there, just going to say it and you may make fun of me. I made tiny orthopedic boots for two of ┬áthe quail. I couldn’t help myself. I have an inability to stand by while something is failing and not intervene. so I whipped out the cardboard […]

City Chicken Micro Farm… the first meat harvest

Well, we did it. We processed 3 chickens right before Christmas. After having fattened them up the moment came. With the help of Elijah and Neil we sent the 3 chickens to the chicken afterlife to roam the hills in search of bugs and fresh green blades of grass. The processing of these birds was […]