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Fun breakfast date with the kids- Free stuff

Check out this link to IHOP… A free meal just for signing up, one on your birthday and one on the anniversary of your sign up! AWESOME!! Between neil and I that’s 6 free meals a year… What a great opportunity to take the kids on a one on one. The meal that came through […]

Surgery… sometimes you must take the knife into your own hands.

I am about to tell you a story that may turn your stomach and activate your gag reflex, but I am guessing that you are going to keep reading anyway. I bet you can’t help yourself. A couple of months ago my sister Bobbie and I decided to become meat chicken farmers. What could be […]

Smooth like buhdah.

I have a friend… she is awesome. We have been friends since we were, errrrr… 16? anyhoo, a long time. She is an artist, and she makes wonderful things with her hands. She made this wonderful butter knife. Well, I am using it for buhdah, because I love the beurre and I think the knife […]

Beans, beans, the magical fruit.

I love preserving food. There is something immensely satisfying about starting with raw ingredients and ending up with jars and jars of ‘meals for later’. I also love beans. Recently I canned navy beans and pintos. I added flavorful spices like chipotle, chili and a tuscan blend (by Penzeys). To some I just add salt. […]

Calanque de Sugiton

Today we went on a lovely hike, just the two of us! This place is about 40 minutes away, then a 1 hour ish hike each way. We didn’t make it down to the beach, which they said was another 30 min, but that’s ok, I read they practice ‘naturism’ there. I’m as natural as […]

Love the place you live…

It’s funny… 4.5 years ago when we moved here I remember someone asking me what I thought about a purple and red combination they had put together. I said that it wasn’t my favorite. I love it now. I just bought a table cloth with deep red, purple and yellow and I can’t wait to […]

Wine in Provence pic nick on the med

My friends Hilary and Brian have a great business, Wine in Provence, here in Aix. They asked me to do food for them for this excursion they took clients on. This video gives you a ‘taste’ of it.  Is was a lot of fun and well apparently well received! Here is one of the recipes: Quiche Provencal […]

Le Brainstorm

this is one of those ideas that  i think could and should go viral. my friend Andrea here in Aix got movin’ on this excellent community based learning idea, which i think she heard about happening in NY somewhere (?). anyhoo… i had the privilege of kicking it off with a bread making class. it […]

Perched Villages

Saturday means family time. Last Saturday was family work day- we got ‘stuff’ done around the house, although there is always more to do… This Saturday we had planned to go see the lavender fields. We have been here over 4 years and never seen them, shame on us! Everything we do on family fun […]

neighborly lovin’

oh cherry season, i revel in you. oh wonderful Colette, you are precious. our sweet neighbor brought us a whole load of cherries, she knows how much we love them. it’s almost plum season and we will soon be heading out to pick and process these wonderful sweet and sour delights. last week my son […]

free groceries at carrefour

i didn’t get everything that was free (i didn’t need cat food or mashed potato and fish casserole…). but i got most of what was left (a lot of it was gone already) that was free. here is what we scored… (100 euros worth back in gift certificates, plus 10 euros i will get as […]

a little this, a little that, and whole lot more of the other….

a little work… we have decided that every other saturday is ‘family work day’. afterwards we have icecream for dinner and dinner, well, for dessert. a few of the tasks we have accomplished… trimming the hedges, scraping paint of glass door, organizing and sorting homeschool center, deep cleaning kids room (they did  a GREAT job […]

my daughter’s island

Plaque from Jean Calvin

  In May 1st, 1561, Calvin wrote to this persecuted church. This plaque is in the church where we worship in the evening.

Christmas Provencal Parade

Centreville Aix


Christmas French-style

fall leaves

Presqu’ile Brusques, France

Our neighbors, George and Collette are a wonderful couple. Why am I in wonder? Well, they want to hang out with us, spend time with us, love us, and put up with our consistently inconsistent French language skills. They are from this area and know it well. We spent a beautiful morning and afternoon touring […]

St Victoire

I have lived here since 2007 and haven’t yet hiked up and down the St. Victoire. We did go on a pic nik as a family with our nieces who visited from Alaska and walk around the mountain. It was gorgeous and I must, must, must hike the whole thing… now to find the time…

small group outing to the beach

Park Day

Salon du Sport

golden leaves