Free Free Free

Kroger FREE Friday deals


Do you get the Kroger free friday deals? I do! I’ve gotten free yogurt, drinks, breakfast bars etc. this week is pretty good, free South Beach bars. Perfect for quik breakfasts to go! Sign in the load this weeks coupon. Also, sometimes in my account I see coupons for FREE items. A couple weeks ago […]

Want FREE tickets to Six Flags?


Two years ago our kids did the Six Flags Read to Succeed program and earned free tickets to the amusement park! This year we hope to be able to go again. The program covers the child and the teacher/parent (if you homeschool). Now, it might be that I simply send their Dad up with them […]

Doodle for Google kids art contest


The kids will be participating in the Doodle for Google art contest. You can check it out here. They give away quite a large nugget for college and it is a fun inside activity for older kids after a cold day in the snow! Enter here! This years theme is…. If I could invent one […]

A chance at FREE milk!


Enter here for a chance to get FREE milk.

Hey KROGER, that’s craycray… And awesome! (DEAL OVER)

Want $25 in FREE groceries? Kroger is running a coupon that can be loaded to your card here. The coupon is for $25 off of a $50 purchase. That’s pretty great!

Cvs haul


I have tried to resist posting my CVS deals, but I just couldn’t this time. Total was $94… After coupons, sales and ecbs I paid $27 cash. However, I got back $25 in ecbs and cash coupons…. And there is a Tide rebate that is supposed to give me $10 back on my purchase. So, […]

Pizza Hut reading program for homeschoolers


Pizza Hut has a reading incentive program called BOOK IT. You can enroll your homeschool here… The reward program has coupons for a personal pan pizza or a spaghetti that the teacher gives out to students for reading. The cool thing is that at our local Pizza Hut in Lynchburg they allow the kids to […]

Fun breakfast date with the kids- Free stuff

Check out this link to IHOP… A free meal just for signing up, one on your birthday and one on the anniversary of your sign up! AWESOME!! Between neil and I that’s 6 free meals a year… What a great opportunity to take the kids on a one on one. The meal that came through […]

homemade ID photos, save a buck.

being married to a web designer means that i can have photos manipulated and made into ID photos, or whatever i need (yes, we have even removed blemishes and whitened teeth on family photos, shhhhh!). that saves us a good bit of cash. but the best part is watching the faces of my lovely children […]

Summer Reading List

neighborly lovin’

oh cherry season, i revel in you. oh wonderful Colette, you are precious. our sweet neighbor brought us a whole load of cherries, she knows how much we love them. it’s almost plum season and we will soon be heading out to pick and process these wonderful sweet and sour delights. last week my son […]

’round here…

we always stay up late… and i almost always regret it. but oh the things you can get done in a day. check out this awesome raised bed that my husband made me. ;O). this is his first ever, and i’m proud of him. he had to saw by hand and really use   2nd […]

free groceries at carrefour

i didn’t get everything that was free (i didn’t need cat food or mashed potato and fish casserole…). but i got most of what was left (a lot of it was gone already) that was free. here is what we scored… (100 euros worth back in gift certificates, plus 10 euros i will get as […]