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Kkkkkrispy Kkkkream!

that's a thumbs up!

So why can’t we get a krispy kream in south central virginia anyway?

getaway for 2 days

coffee at sunrise

here are some photos from a little 2 day vacay…

holiday haven

Landscape in Gap, France

On a beautiful little road heading towards our holiday rental this was our view. Sheep were roaming about and the last of the summer holiday tourists were packing up to head home before the fall season started.    

Matisyahu in Raleigh

Last weekend we went to see Matisyahu in Raleigh as a Father’s day present. Good times! We got to see my sisters who live down there as well. Jerusha and Nathanial went with us to the concert. It was so much fun. Highlights: hanging out with the adults and relaxing over a meal the concert! […]

1 week in photos


Calanque de Sugiton

Today we went on a lovely hike, just the two of us! This place is about 40 minutes away, then a 1 hour ish hike each way. We didn’t make it down to the beach, which they said was another 30 min, but that’s ok, I read they practice ‘naturism’ there. I’m as natural as […]

Perched Villages

Saturday means family time. Last Saturday was family work day- we got ‘stuff’ done around the house, although there is always more to do… This Saturday we had planned to go see the lavender fields. We have been here over 4 years and never seen them, shame on us! Everything we do on family fun […]

the village of Moustiers

Camping trip June 2011

a little this, a little that, and whole lot more of the other….

a little work… we have decided that every other saturday is ‘family work day’. afterwards we have icecream for dinner and dinner, well, for dessert. a few of the tasks we have accomplished… trimming the hedges, scraping paint of glass door, organizing and sorting homeschool center, deep cleaning kids room (they did  a GREAT job […]

Visiting the Cevennes

Every year ICCP goes to the Cevennes. This area reminds me so much of Virginia and the Blue Ridge mountains. Just gorgeous… I usually spend a good portion of my time cooking for 50-60 people in the smoke filled kitchen in the basement. But, personally, I’d rather be down there with 4-5 than upstairs with […]

my daughter’s island

Presqu’ile Brusques, France

Our neighbors, George and Collette are a wonderful couple. Why am I in wonder? Well, they want to hang out with us, spend time with us, love us, and put up with our consistently inconsistent French language skills. They are from this area and know it well. We spent a beautiful morning and afternoon touring […]


One of the things I have really been working on in this past year is spending more time as a gift than buying gifts. I arranged babysitting and took my husband to Arles for his birthday. Arles is one solid hour from us and yet, after 3.5 years, we had never been. That’s what happens when […]

Spain travels

One of the benefits of living in Europe is all of the history that we can see. While on our way to a work related conference we were able to stop and see these ruins in Merida, Spain. It was blazing hot though, so we didn’t stay long. We were concerned that the baby would […]


We rarely take a vacation that isn’t somehow work related. This time though, we decided to take a whole week out and travel 4 hours east of Madrid to a tiny village on the border of Spain and Portugal. My parents have a work rental house there and we were able to stay free. Every […]

Lyon Park and Zoo

Things we love… free stuff. This Zoo in the heart of a large park is free to the public and quite a fun place to take the kids for a pik nik. We enjoyed a weekend in Lyon with our friends who had asked us to come and share an apartment with them. It was […]

church retreat