Kind Thoughts

Kind Thoughts: an open letter to my critics

Dear Critics, This letter has been years in the making. It is finally time to give some perspective to the accusations, criticisms, ill feelings and unkind words that have been spoken over the years. To tell you the truth, they have at times devastated me, and sometimes have left me all but undone. I’ve spent […]

Kindness and the ol’ plank


Ÿesterday a friend shared this link. The intent of this series of pictures is to illustrate that we are all doing the best we can, we are not in competition with eachother and that other families can make different choices and that can still be ok. But, that is not what rose up in me. […]

Practice makes perfect, nope PERMANENT…. A daily kindness


When I think about my life and the in’s and out’s I get excited. What’s kinda funny about that is that after many years of adventures in California, Alaska and France with travel to the strange and exotic… I am living in a normal house, in a normal American neighborhood in a very regular sort […]

A bird in the hand… Kindness from a stranger

Quail Eggs

Recently I was in the market for quail eggs. My 9 yr old son expressed a desire to have his own project raising a smaller bird than a chicken. I was happy to help him with this project and consider it one of the benefits of the type of schooling that we do… we have time […]

‘kindness’ a series of thoughts

kind·ness /ˈkīn(d)nis/ Noun The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. A kind act. Synonyms kindliness – goodness – favor – favour – affability I have been thinking a lot about kindness lately and have decided to begin a little series to help flesh out my thoughts. Now would be  great time to subscribe if […]