Quality of Life

beautiful faces

i love these little people.

our muggs

mugs of love

On arrival at our new home, we were met with a box. It contained coffee mugs with beautiful paintings printed on the sides. Those re-prints were paintings from our friend in Aix. She sent us personalized mugs. So awesome! I drink from one every morning. Thanks Apryl!

the 411

recently i had a friend from home, er France ask me how i was. “i want to know how you are, not just what you are eating”. ha. but, telling you what i’m eating is so much easier, so much more upbeat, so practical and so much more attractive! so, here’s the 411. i am […]

Mean, green love that drink!

Cuc/spinach/apple. Oh yeah.

New Life

This week we have had new life in our home. Early yesterday Neil came up stairs to tell me that he had heard some peeping. The first chick had hatched! As the day went on more hatched and we have a 100% hatch rate!!! (two eggs were not actually fertilized we came to find out) […]

Surgery… sometimes you must take the knife into your own hands.

I am about to tell you a story that may turn your stomach and activate your gag reflex, but I am guessing that you are going to keep reading anyway. I bet you can’t help yourself. A couple of months ago my sister Bobbie and I decided to become meat chicken farmers. What could be […]

This post is soooo juicy.

See my awesome craigslist juicer? Like it! See my gorgeous, excited 3 yr old? Love her. Jude the Dude scarfes this stuff down like it’s going out of st My fav… carrot/apple/cuc. Another top delight, cuc/celery/pear. What’s your favorite homemade juice?

July 4th, All American

Our kids love a good party. The morning on July 4th we went to the Waxhaw, NC parade. Fire trucks, buses, politicians, advocacy groups, candy throwing, free icecream… even the train graced us with a pass through during the parade. Wish I had pictures… left the camera in the car. Bad blogger. Bad. After naps […]

White bean and oat burger with cucumber salad

Experimentation in vegetation lives on… White Bean and Oat burger… try it, you’ll like it. 3 c white beans 1 c oats 1 egg (or 1 tbs oat bran) 1/2 tsp cumin 2 tbs chopped fresh parsley 2 tbs chopped fresh cilantro 1 small minced onion 1/2 tsp salt (or to taste) freshly ground pepper […]

More American aventure…

American Backyard Slip and slide, Glide, collide and swiftly hide, Planting beans, corn and other things. Waiting for the sun to dry you off in 5 minutes flat. Sun hats and glasses full of iced tea made in the sun, Like the rest of the fun that is to be had in an American yard, […]

Run – don’t walk.

Sometimes people do crazy things. Well, crazy to me. My husband was recently asked if he would like to do an R3 hike. R3 is a rim to rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon. Um… in ONE  day. Ouch. Good friends of ours do this, we agree on so much, we think they […]

In order to fit in…

In addition to planking, we have decided to use some new vocabulary in hopes that it will help us fit in. Now, of course, we know that we can’t possibly be as hip as we would like to be, but in addition to using words like sustainable, up-cycle and re-purpose we are trying to fit […]

It’s the end of an era…

After almost 5 years in France, the time has come. We will leave in the morning and arrive into DC. We will be in or new home by Sunday Aprl 1. It is indeed the end of an era.

M-egan Me

It’s been 2 weeks of M-egan me. I am 100% plant based vegan at home and it’s not that hard… I like it. Well, except tonight when I made oven fried chicken for the fam. I had a chickpea and spinach stuffed pepper with a bit of brown rice. It was good, but let’s face […]

Vegan Me? Maybe a M-egan me…

I wonder what that would look like. Would I have more energy, be less tired, feel less sluggish? I watched a series of documentaries… dag gum it… The Beautiful Truth , Dying to Have Known and Forks over Knives (you can rent this on on itunes). Sometimes, knowing more isn’t better, well, it doesn’t feel better. If even […]

Art and Character

I am not an artist. I am creative, crafty and enjoy beautiful things, but I am not an artist. I’m ok with it. Today we painted. Most of us cried. The Perfectionist in despair over the inability to perform at top level. The Creative loses hope and becomes bored over the notion of having to […]

I have too much.

Some of you know where we live, how we live, the space we live in. You have sat in our living room, eaten at our table, slept on our couch and perhaps barbequed in our front ‘garden’. Our house is not big… and yet, we have too much. A big buzz word right now is […]

Is God in your winter coat?

Once upon a time a little red headed girl had a brown coat. Now, this coat had served her well, it was faithful and true. But, as time went on the coat grew too small (or the little girl grew too large…) and though it was not completely useless yet, the coat knew that it’s […]

10 Minute Trick- Spray and Wash, er wipe.

I took 10 minutes and washed every glass bit around the house that I could. Cleaning a whole room deeply, top to bottom isn’t going to happen in 10 minutes. But for all the glass to be clean at one time is a happy little secret. Just watch out… you may think you can walk […]

our two oldest…

man i love these two… 8 and 6. a lot of fun.

side by side…

wednesday night i went to see the puppini sisters with two good friends. i heard this song and thought, what a perfect song to put on our blog ‘traveling along’. Don’t what’s comin’ tomorrow Maybe it’s trouble and sorrow But we’ll travel the road sharin’ a load Side by side… …See that sun in the […]

november study of China

today for our study on China… ancient chinese inventions… traditional chinese bookbinding… and noodle and veg stir fry with egg rolls. i really love doing the fun part of homeschool :).

‘don’t bench me’, a letter to the hypothetical You from the real Me

dear You, i’ve messed up, big time. i’ve missed the mark. i’ve made a ginormous mess of things. ‘it’ hit the fan. ‘it’ changed me. ‘it’ transformed me. i’m not the same anymore. ‘it’ served as a training ground to develop, to mature, to change, to be a new person. don’t hold ‘it’ against me. […]

is God in your pumpkin?

have you ever been thinking about something and ‘wish’ for it… and have it show up on your doorstep? i can’t even say that i was so faithful that i prayed for it. it was more of a mental note ‘i wish i had corn meal to make…’. cornmeal shows up. seriously, i am not […]