Quality Time

a new song

In dealing with some character issues I find it helpful to memorize words of wisdom from the proverbs of King Solomon who ruled Israel in 957BC. You can read about him here. He was known for his wisdom. Here is the video we did this morning, the kids are still singing it. I hope that […]

Matisyahu in Raleigh

Last weekend we went to see Matisyahu in Raleigh as a Father’s day present. Good times! We got to see my sisters who live down there as well. Jerusha and Nathanial went with us to the concert. It was so much fun. Highlights: hanging out with the adults and relaxing over a meal the concert! […]

A Peach of a day.

Last Saturday was ‘family fun day’. We went with friends and family to Gross’ Orchard about 1/2 hour from here and picked peaches and apples. We are up to our eyeballs in peaches. Oh yes. It’s a very good thing, a juicy good thing. I will be putting some in the freezer in chunks for […]

July 4th, All American

Our kids love a good party. The morning on July 4th we went to the Waxhaw, NC parade. Fire trucks, buses, politicians, advocacy groups, candy throwing, free icecream… even the train graced us with a pass through during the parade. Wish I had pictures… left the camera in the car. Bad blogger. Bad. After naps […]

Classic American adventure continues…

Classic American…

when you know a dutch pattern maker…

… take lessons! i am so thankful for my sewing teacher Reina. she is so much more than that though, she is a pattern maker. what does this mean? it means that she can take a garment and show you how to replicate it. i took in a 3-6 mo baby dress that i loved… […]

Perched Villages

Saturday means family time. Last Saturday was family work day- we got ‘stuff’ done around the house, although there is always more to do… This Saturday we had planned to go see the lavender fields. We have been here over 4 years and never seen them, shame on us! Everything we do on family fun […]

Summer Reading List

A post from the 8 yr old Pirate… on a topic of his choice…

“My Mom makes the BEST food in the world! My favorite food is a meatball sandwich. I also like pizza, lasagna, sushi, noodles and lots of other Italian foods! I just love food!”

Visiting the Cevennes

Every year ICCP goes to the Cevennes. This area reminds me so much of Virginia and the Blue Ridge mountains. Just gorgeous… I usually spend a good portion of my time cooking for 50-60 people in the smoke filled kitchen in the basement. But, personally, I’d rather be down there with 4-5 than upstairs with […]

Christmas French-style

fun on the monkey bars

Lyon Park and Zoo

Things we love… free stuff. This Zoo in the heart of a large park is free to the public and quite a fun place to take the kids for a pik nik. We enjoyed a weekend in Lyon with our friends who had asked us to come and share an apartment with them. It was […]

golden leaves