The 10 Minute Trick

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rocket stove in my fireplace

Since we have been here we have discovered that the whole heating with oil situation is a stinker. In an effort to warm our house less expensively we have been lighting the fire in the fire place. Sure, it’s cozy and warm and wonderful (within 3 feet of the fire), but is it helping? Not […]

10 minute trick- canning labels

We recently visited my bud Tina and her husband Robert. Their canning closet is amazing… the jars of delectable preserves seemed to never end as they shared delight after delight with us. Savory, sweet, spicy, they had it all. We are going to have a little canned goods exchange, it’s going to be awesome. I […]

10 Min Trick- Cranberry Chicken Mix everything in the baking dish, add chicken (marinate if you want) and bake. Don’t follow the directions that say to pre cook the onions. Simplify.

10 Minute Trick – Scones

This scone recipe is no more than 10 minutes to throw together (active work time). I added dried cranberries to ours, wow huge hit all around!! I made it in my food processor, but was careful not to overwork it. I also substituted coconut oil for the butter and it worked well. I will definitely […]

10 Minute Tricks, I’m at it again.

Two more 10 minute tricks… Made Homemade play dough with the kids… They LOVED it! I made homemade yogurt. This is very easy, and even though the setting time takes longer, the actual prep is about 3 minutes. Some people go to a lot of fuss and complicated nonsense (excuse me)… but this is what I […]

TWO 10 Minute Tricks

Trick # 1. Spend 10 minutes clearing out the homeschool section of the bookshelf. Warning! Spending any longer will result in temporary insanity or ‘sorters disorder’. Trick #2 Don’t cook. Make this recipe instead! Inspired by lunch at my friend Marie’s last week this salad is full of flavor and a meal in itself.   […]

10 Minute Trick – Pasta Puttanesca

Darling Nigella, I am not sure if I love you or if you make me squirm… I am just not sure. You eat with your hands and in bed! Perhaps it’s my inner sense of modesty… my conservative up bringing that keeps me from diving in 100%. Sluts’ Spaghetti? Really? I have to confess that […]

10 Minute Trick- Spray and Wash, er wipe.

I took 10 minutes and washed every glass bit around the house that I could. Cleaning a whole room deeply, top to bottom isn’t going to happen in 10 minutes. But for all the glass to be clean at one time is a happy little secret. Just watch out… you may think you can walk […]

10 Minute Trick- Indian Food

I made a recipe today from Stovetop Indian Cooking a little cookbook I bought from a hole in the wall restaurant in Lynchburg City Market. The owner highly recommended this cookbook. It has not let us down! Everything is delish. Amazon has some used for .98. If I were you, I’d get right on that… Balti […]

10 Minute Trick – it all adds up

Just suck it up. I don’t sweep much when I am serious about doing the floors. I vacuum. Hard wood, ceramic, linoleum, what-ev. A vacuum just does a better job of getting all that ‘mess’ out of the house. Just be careful depending on the kind of vacuum you have to not scratch your floors […]

10 Minute Trick… Read 1 book with a beginner reader.

And these 10 minutes may seem like an eternity… but you won’t be sorry you did.    

10 Minute Trick… Just one shelf.

Just One little shelf full of books. Time to tidy it up. One bag to sell, with a little bit of luck. One big bag to give. Some left for her, some for him. For the little One, a little bin.

Chickpea and Potato stew

This takes 10 minutes of prep (including the rice). Ingredients: 2 tbs olive oil 1 onion chopped 4 cloves garlic 2 large potatoes peeled and diced 1/2 cup diced spanish chorizo, or any other sausage you have water salt and pepper to taste   saute the onions, garlic and chorizo while peeling and dicing the […]

The 10 Minute Trick

the game has changed and so must the rules. when i had 2 children i did my floors almost every day… yes, i did. they were gorgeous. you could eat off of them. when someone walked in with shoes, i politely asked them to be removed. i had guest slippers. when the 3rd child came along […]