Cvs haul

I have tried to resist posting my CVS deals, but I just couldn’t this time.
Total was $94…
After coupons, sales and ecbs I paid $27 cash.
However, I got back $25 in ecbs and cash coupons….
And there is a Tide rebate that is supposed to give me $10 back on my purchase.
So, in the end someone will have paid me $8 for all this stuff. To someone like me who makes their own laundry detergent to save money, well, that is a pretty great deal!


Many thanks to my mom who encouraged me to just do a couple deals a week…. She was right, it’s more manageable that way.

It’s a blessing after a week of 2 leaks, one involving a toilet replacement, a replaced windsheild on Neil’s car and replacing of the motors in my sliding doors on my car. It’s nice to get a deal after a week like that!

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  1. mom says:

    WOW Anita, I am so impressed! Great job! We were very sorry to hear about your leaks and car issues!

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