Dates and more dates…

IMG_2327.JPG  The first date… July 14, the day little guy is supposed to be done cooking.

I don’t mind going a little over, it seems to be my M.O.

However, three times I’ve been over enough to have that nasty ‘induction’ word spoken… Which is very stressful for me. Once my babies hear that word, they seem to stay put on principle. The wait is killer.

So, now, MORE dates! Yes! DATES! I’m talking about eating about 1lb a week. According to this study dates could help… So among all the things one could be doing, (and there are tons of crazy things out there!!!) eating dates seems like a pretty great idea.

So, have any great date recipes??

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  1. John says:

    If I remember correctly that’s only about 1 date each day, because I remember they each weigh more than a correspondingly sized lead fishing sinker. Also, tons of sugar in each date, almost a pound. Also, each date has 750 calories in it, and that’s IF you spit the pit out! just saying…

    • anitajoye says:

      Yes! Tons of sugar and I’m not a huge sugar eater… May need to pair with something savory.
      I think the ‘dosage’ is 6 a day, which is actually more like 1.5 lbs with pits. It’s actually a lot!

  2. Kristen says:

    Recipe A KEEPER ! (That’s the title I gave it cause it is REALLY Good and I cant remember the name!) it is the only recipe calling for dates I own. I was asked to bring this to an Easter event at church this year. It is a traditional Jewish passover dish that has an unusual name…. I didn’t have the sweet wine so I just used a bit of orange juice. We ate the leftovers on toast, added to oatmeal… I Will be making again and even thought it’s a good one to give as a holiday homemade gift!

    1 medium seedless organic orange ( you use the whole orange which is why it suggests going organic)
    1lb medjool dates
    3tbs sugar (left this out cause dates are sweet enough)
    1/2tsp cinnamon (or to taste, I like cinnamon)
    2tbs sweet red wine
    1/2 c pecans or walnuts toasted and finely
    Cut orange into chunks fun all ingr├ędients together in your food processor in to a thick spreadable paste.

    You can always throw some dates into a Moroccan tangine and give your baby boy a french calculated due date to buy him some extra time!

    Love you friend!

  3. isa (aix) says:

    hi Anita,
    i made a raw vegan brownie recipe (for a dance teacher of mine) which uses dates … and it’s THE BEST EVER sweet thing i have ever tasted (i did it with the raw vegan frosting they suggest too ….); here’s the link
    it’s seriously yummy … (= plan to portion it and put away some straight away …. or you’ll be tempted to eat it all in one sitting !!!)
    i would vote for July 14th because it’s France national day, … or July 16th because it’s my birthday !!!
    Take care of yourself !

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