Practice makes perfect, nope PERMANENT…. A daily kindness

When I think about my life and the in’s and out’s I get excited.

What’s kinda funny about that is that after many years of adventures in California, Alaska and France with travel to the strange and exotic… I am living in a normal house, in a normal American neighborhood in a very regular sort of city.

But when I think about my life I am excited. My daily life makes part of who I am and one of the things that I am at home is a teacher. I teach my kids math, English, French, history and all the other learny sort of things (I reserve the right to make up words like ‘learny’). But most importantly I hope that I am teaching them a daily sort of kindness.

I want my kids to see me sharing… Being gentle… Patient… Or helping them find something that is missing, or taking the time to let a small child ‘help’ with making dinner (which is usually no help at all…).

But alas, I fail. miserably. fail.
As do they.

Let’s get Back to that thing I said about being excited about my life….

I am excited that as I grow in a daily discipline of kindness that my kids will too. I want their hearts, I want them to want to be like me. Does it sounds arrogant to say that?

I am not saying I want to be like myself and want them to be like me too.20130301-114815.jpg

I am saying that I want to be as gentle and kind as the man who made room on his lap for little children to come and sit. I want to be as kind and forgiving as he was when he said ‘let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’. If my kids see this in me and want to be like that, well, they are wanting to be like him.

I want my practice of daily kindness to be a filling of grace and mercy, gentleness and tender care… the kindness of consistency and a little extra effort. Daily kindness is not in the big gestures, but the small ones, it’s in the details.

Would others call you a kind person? Do you practice daily kindness?
(Practice makes permanent!)


6 Responses to “Practice makes perfect, nope PERMANENT…. A daily kindness”

  1. John says:

    what is Evangeline cooking? It looks like little strips of steak… yum!

  2. Jen says:

    OH I HEAR THAT!! My sentiments exactly. I am currently reading/listening to the audio book “Unglued – Making wise choices in the midst of Raw Emotions” by Lysa TerKeurst. Its an excellent read. I heard part of her testimony on the radio the night before I drove to Cali to see you. I could relate to her 100%. Gentle and kind – that too is what I want every day and for my children to portray as well. There’s always room for improvement right?

  3. mom says:

    I see gentleness in you and I’m sure your children will too.

  4. Lynn says:

    I have seen so much growth and love in you Anita. I see you trying so hard to do what is best for your family.
    You make a HOME for them and cook wonderful food. lol. Sorry I missed seeing you and the FOOD. lol

    • anitajoye says:

      Thank you so much for coming and spending time with the kids… They loved having you! And I heard Jude finally bonded!!! I was hoping for that!!!

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