Farm Update

This year our little farm is taking off. The two older kids each have their own 4H gardens and are working hard at maintaining them.

Neil built me a great new chicken coop pretty much entirely from salvaged materials. We plant to put siding on it, but in the meantime, the chickens are enjoying it.

image (8)

We are experimenting with pigs for the first time and have welcomed a litter of piglets.


Pim is successfully raising 5 and they are amazingly cute and chubby. Almost all of them are spoken for. It’s a¬†blessing to have them find new homes! The sale of the piglets helps us pay for other things around the farm, and offsets the feed costs. People often ask us if we are making money with what we are doing. Well, no. We are not making money, that’s not the point, but we eat like kings!

We are not losing money either, and the benefits to our children are many. I love watching each of them take ownership over a project, whether it’s an animal, or a garden plot.

image (9)

We are waiting for our dairy goat Martha to have her babies and we will have cute photos, but in the meantime enjoy these.

image (11)


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  1. Bobbie says:

    Your farm is growing nicely!

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