Farmlette update

We are so excited that spring has sprung!

I have put in about 1/4 of our total garden space and have planted







Swiss chard

I have started tomatoes and peppers and it looks like I have a volunteer squash plant from last year. I’ll put in russet potatoes this week.
Elijah has started his own bed of carrots. 

In addition we are a excited to have a broody muscovy duck. Her babies should hatch May 4, 5. 

Our milk goat Martha should be delivering the first week of June. 

I’ve been hatching and selling black sex linked chickens and Elijah has quite the business selling his Rhode Island Red pulets. He only has 3 left out of 50!

We are also growing out 25 roosters for the freezer. They will be ready in June.

We have the guineas working to keep our yard tick free and the hens providing delicious eggs. 

I may have gone overboard with the lavender… I think I’ve put in over 20 plants and of course had to add some climbing roses to the front of the house. I love beauty and fruitfullness, so there seems to be no way around growing edibles and ornamentals. 

I love spring, it’s my favorite!

What are you growing?

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  1. John says:

    Those are enormous pictures… all good. Is your duck hiding behind those plants? If so, it needs a better hiding place.

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