flied lice (or whatever)

fried rice

assorted vegis (whatever you have) chopped into smallish bits (i used carrots and peas)

2-4 cups leftover cooked rice (depending on if you want it more rice or more veg)

1-2 tsp sesame oil

3 tbs soy sauce (or sweet soy sauce)

if you have oyster sauce this is a good time to use 1-2 tbs of it

2-3 tbs coconut oil (or whatever)

green onions/garlic/ginger (all three work too! whatever direction you want to go)

3 eggs

cook all the veg together in oil in a wok (or whatever). saute together and make a hole in the middle, drop in 3 eggs, allow to cook a bit and scramble. eventually mix it all in and add rice and sauces. allow to cook and stir the fry every few minutes. get some of those yummy slightly crunchy bits going. put the lid on to make sure all veg is tender and all bits of egg are cooked. taste for salt and adjust, stir the fry a bit more… dish up and serve.

we make this a lot and the kids LOVE it. of course you could add any bits of meat that you have laying around. it is considered a main dish at our house, but could also be a side if you decided to include a meat on the side.

4 Responses to “flied lice (or whatever)”

  1. Rebekah says:

    This is a good recipe for cleaning out the fridge :-)

  2. isabelle says:

    i wish my kids wouldn’t “sort out” by categories when i serve such a type of dish… have 3 kids, one will eat all of the starch, another will eat only the veggies, and the last one eats only the protein ….

  3. John says:

    Yes, it’s a great dish. Anita’s Mom makes several variations on this. I like to eat it warmed up for breakfast. I do not “sort out” anything by category, although I probably should…

  4. Jesseka says:

    looks yummy. I always forget to make this. good reminder.

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