Fox in the Yard

It’s 5am and I’m up with a startle.
Half asleep, I heard a sharp squabble.
The dog Sophie is barking up a storm.
Again a chicken is sounding the horn.

Hop up, on with the pants.
If I’m fast, maybe I’ll have a chance.
To save a chicken’s life
t’would be the preference of my wife.

Out I go
headlamp in tow.
boots hit the grass
will the chickens even last?

dog is now growling
a grumbly mouthing
chicken is squawking
why am i still walking?

Make it to the pen
see the brown hen
she is flustered and flappy
But the sight of me makes her happy.

She is waiting at the fence
perhaps now she’ll have sense
and stay with the flock
instead of taking that walk.

Put her to bed. I’d like to be there instead,
but there’s a sly fox staring at the back of my head.
At the edge of the wood, under this frigid night sky
I see those two stars in place of his eyes.

Sophie on the chain, we run towards the trees
The fox slinks and blinks and turns and flees.
Hiding behind trees and bushes and leaves,
shirks back into the dark, he takes his leave.

Another time I’ll have to come around,
and poison this great fox mound.
should i poison, smoke it inondate this ground,
i hope all the foxes in this family do drown.

Put the hen in the coop, Sophie on the prowl.
Kick off my boots and I’m back in the house.
I hear a bark from the woods shine a glare
Already, those evil star eyes out of the darkness do stare.

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  1. Tina says:

    Love it. Hope everyone stays safe

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