Fried green bananas with goats milk feta

Super easy and soooo delicious.

Buy the greenest hardest bananas you can find.

Peel them (score with a knife and wedge your thumb in and pull off the skin), fry them, smash, then fry again. Sprinkle with salt and crumbled feta. (I fried mine in coconut oil, but regular vegetable oil is fine too).

If you live locally I suggest goats milk feta from Spring Mill Farm in Concord, VA. You can purchase it downtown at the community market. They can also be found on Facebook, but unfortunately you cannot actually taste their products through the internets. They also have rockin’ fresh cheese called ‘chevre’ which just means goat in French (and by the way, please don’t say the E on the end of chevre… it’s silent).



5 Responses to “Fried green bananas with goats milk feta”

  1. Jen says:

    I bet you are just loving finding chevre in VA!! Does this help with your France blues? I loved the Chevre festival we went to in France.

    I have yet to find the farmers market here. I seriously doubt I will find much when I do. Uggghhh the life of a desert dweller! Building me some gardens soon!

    Love ya friend!

  2. John says:

    It looks delicious. I wish I had some to eat right now…

  3. Susan says:

    YUM!…this makes me want some now….
    are you going to liquify this during the next seven days?!

    • anitajoye says:

      haha! i wish i could!
      nope, juiced/blended fruit and veg only for 7 days. :) no cheese, no solid foods. wanna join me?

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