Hey KROGER, that’s craycray… And awesome! (DEAL OVER)

Want $25 in FREE groceries?
Kroger is running a coupon that can be loaded to your card here.
The coupon is for $25 off of a $50 purchase. That’s pretty great!

4 Responses to “Hey KROGER, that’s craycray… And awesome! (DEAL OVER)”

  1. Cheryl Armstrong says:

    Where can this deal be located. I’ve logged into the Kroger site and looked through all 25 screens of digital coupons. Thank you.

    • anitajoye says:

      Unfortunately the coupons ran out and they put up a notice saying that all had been given out. So sorry you didn’t get it this time! Thanks for reading.

  2. mom says:

    I loaded this to my card when I received this tip and sure enough, I got $25 off of my $50 purchase. I was very careful NOT to go over the $50 and I bought generic brands of food with long shelf life like tuna and pasta. This was a HUGE bargain and I am very thankful I read Anita’s blog!

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