juice fast at last

juice fasting is something that i have wanted to do over the past several years. being pregnant or nursing isn’t really the time, but the baby is weaned and so off we go.

wanting to do something is really much easier than actually doing it.

like how i want to be a runner, but i’m not. i run, out of weakness, not strength.

at the beginning of this year i watched too many documentaries. neil mentioned one, another was ‘A Beautiful Truth’. watch it, it will change your life. it prompted me to do a vegan challenge. i really enjoyed that and as time has gone on i have continued to be more vegetarian, more plant based.

but this fast isn’t really about food to me. it is, as my friend Katrina at thepoorganiclife would say about ‘Real food’.

i am expecting that in the next several days i will have moments of weakness, of struggle, attitude adjustments will be needed. i will need to rely on someone Stronger, more Reliable, more Powerful than myself. this can only be a good thing. this could be a time of spiritual renewal and freedom.

yes, freedom. this is an opportunity to focus, not on what i eat, or what will please my taste buds or cravings, but on an eternal sense of pleasure.

i want to feel pleasure in the disciplines of a spirit controlled life.

(and to be perfectly honest it would be great if it would help my eczema and mommy belly too ;).

so, here we go! follow us if you like, we will be posting daily for the next several days.

have you ever juice fasted (or regular fasting)? for how long? what did it produce in you?

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  1. John says:

    I had some juicy comments but decided not to post them… This sounds like a wonderful idea. I encourage you to try it. I would be willing to try it also but, perhaps modified a bit so as to include some things that might be considered just regular foods and not specifically juices, in reduced quantities of course. Can one try that? Also, I have another question?… Do the kids have to do this also?… That seems hard for a kid. Maybe you could still give them some peanut juice and jelly sandwiches now and then…

  2. Keep us posted on how this works… also… I have some juice here that Dad never drinks… that that crazy about fruit.. I guess this is more veg. I encourage you to do this. We look forward to hearing.

  3. anitajoye says:

    yeah, our juice so far has been carrot, celery and kale. i really like cucumber.apple.kale as well.
    we are three meals into this. i think it is going to be hard, but this is the time to do it.
    dad, yes, you can fast without fasting. no wait, you can’t… but eating less is always a good idea. ha :).
    kids are eating normal food, but it’s nice to not have to cook as much for sure, there are more leftovers.

  4. Jen says:

    I would love to do it but NOW is not the time … or is it? Hmmmm You got me thinking. I have been wanting to do the same for awhile now. I need a good cleansing. I felt so much better after the last one. I need to quit the coffee too but I am not sure I can handle the withdrawals right now. Or maybe I can? You got me thinking;)

  5. Susan says:

    just looking to buy us a great juicer…at this point…thats still a good excuse., right? Please pass on your great juicing recipes…as I seriously want to get more into this myself. I am reading the Hallelujah Acres Diet…biblically based..by eating 85% raw fruits and veggies and 15% cooked fruits and veggies..and the discussion is big on juicing – so I am studying it and learning all the horrific things about our Approved American Standard Diet foods. and ALLL the problems that it causes our bodies. Absolutely amazing!!

  6. Jesseka says:

    Greg and I juice on a regular basis- normally a kale/spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and ginger juice. Yum! We actually do like it. We did a juice fast last year for 5 days. WOWOWOWOWOW. Greg was desperate to juice a hamburger!!!! I actually did have more energy after doing this and then following it with a 5 day juice/whole food-plant based dinner. I did NoT give up coffee- 2 cups a day- and felt no guilt about that. Greg would have been in the ER if he had stopped coffee. Anyway, we both feel better when we juice and we have made it a priority. The flip side is that we feel much, much worse after eating “normal” foods after we’ve been in a whole foods kind of habit. (normal meaning normal American diet- packaged, sweet, processed etc… abnormal really…).
    Keep up the good work Anita. You CAN do it. :) Yay for you!!

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