Juice Recovery

sweet potatoes and roast chicken

So this would be Juicing Day 3 except that I stopped! By the way my stomach is still sore like I have mild cramps. Not sure why.

I ate a small piece of toast and a slice of apple for breakfast, sweet potatoes and roast chicken for lunch, a piece of pie at 4:30, and soup for dinner. Feels great to eat normal food. I forget why I wanted to change that.

I’ll see if my memory comes back after reading my first post.

I think I need to work up to this whole juicing thing. I mean how can I just change it over night. One of you suggested slowly getting to this point, like juicing one or 2 meals a day and working up to it, weening myself off of my heavy, cooked food diet.

I’ll let you know how my thoughts change on this. However I know I still need to fight food idolatry.

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  1. My thinking is that you could have done it if you had not had the chili the 1st day… I mean… why not say… I am on a juice fast for 3 days…. then go back to eating… then the next 5 days etc… or maybe I have this thing all wrong…

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