Juicing: Day 1 – Disaster

**warning – a bit graphic **

Nausea & Diarehea

  • Juice for Dinner Friday night
  • Juice for breakfast and lunch on Saturday
About mid-day I began having a growing dull headache and a feeling in my face throat area of a sickness coming on. Apparently this is actually common when juicing due to toxins coming out of your body. I don’t really know, but I read that here.


And then on Saturday afternoon we went to a autumn festival and were invited back to someone’s house for chilli. Hmmm what to do? By this time, I was feeling the desire for solid food. What should we do when invited to someone’s house for dinner? Should we be the wierdos who don’t eat because they are juicing? Should we skip and go home and not spend time with them?

I made the decision that I would go ahead and eat chilli. I can rationalize it as being due to the fact that I wanted to be a gracious guest, but really I didn’t need much of an excuse to eat a nice meal prepared for me. (Chilli, Chips, sour cream, shredded cheese)

Yummm. It was great, right. I even had another portion like I normally would. I believe I was getting a little careless here. Not long after eating I began feeling very bad. I tried to keep up conversation but I visited the bathroom 3 times during an hour thinking something heavy was about to come down.

About 9:15 I began thinking I was going to vomit. We got the kids loaded up and got home.

  • I got into bed at 10:30pm.
  • Diarehea at 3:30am
  • Severe Nausea. I slept on the couch thinking I would be up and down.
  • Diarhea at 5:30am
  • Diarhea at 6:30am
  • Took a long bath, praying and thinking
  • Diarhea at 7:30 (atleast it’s consistent)
  • Back to bed. Anita gets up with the kids.

I’m not really wanting to eat anything or drink any juice as of 8:43am. I will not be going to church at this point. So what was the problem? Was it mainly the juice or mainly the chilli on top of juicing? Any ideas? Wondering how to proceed here.

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  1. isabelle says:

    hi !
    … from what i read years ago about “alternative ways of eating” …. when on a modified diet (such as juicing), the re-introduction of “normal food” needs to be done very gradually ….. am not at all surprised by what you wrote basically … my time at the computer is up , the children need me, .. but read a bit on food re-introduction after a mono-fast diet in the next few days !

  2. John says:

    From what I’ve read, chili is also a form of juice. Bean juice. We all know what beans are capable of. I personally juice often. Mom often cooks our chicken in olive juice and it’s never affected me… So, I don’t see any inconsistency here. I think it must be something else. Keep on juicing and see what happens… but, I wouldn’t do much more visiting to other people’s houses, that might strain interpersonal relationships… in my humble opinion…

  3. Jeepers…. So sorry… I think it was the juicing…but/ and then you ‘backed it up’ with chili… for Heavens sake!! I mean why not something ‘easy’ like potatoes or chicken… Oh NO!!!…. you had to add a layer of chili… greasy, bean filled goodness… solo??? heck no… you then piled on the cheese, sour cream and LORD knows what else… not to mention the second helping… are you sure you wan to do this???

  4. admin says:

    Hi Dad, that was my justification. I mean aren’t beans a vegetable? And don’t they have juice. I particularly like black bean ‘juice’!

    Mom, yeah well Anita had 4 jalapenos. I mean I can’t imagine that turning out well for me. No, not sure I want to do it. Feeling better by the way. :) Juice for lunch. Skipped breakfast.

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