Juicing Day 2

Okay so I’m not sure I can really say ‘juicing’ anymore because I just ate dinner. Last night was horrible and this morning my stomach was quite sensitive. I didn’t eat breakfast and couldn’t even bring myself to drink the juice for lunch. I kept trying it all afternoon, but it reminded me too much of the nausea and stomach cramping from last night.

So by 5pm today I had taken water and a little bit of juice. I actually felt fine and wasn’t really hungry but at a certain point, I must accept that I’m not juicefasting, I’m fasting!

Well I was saved by our guests. We have guests who showed up this evening and staying for 2 days. We are obviously making them food. So I enjoyed spaghetti, bread, salad and a cheese plate tonight. My stomach actually feels great after that.

So I’m not sure if I should continue. Should I call this a failed effort, or should I continue on tomorrow? I considered doing 2 meals a day as juicing while guests are here. Any thoughts?

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  1. isabelle says:

    according to some alternative health professionals i’ve come in contact with, “just” doing one or maybe two meals a day , on one or maybe two days a week, with only eating or drinking ONE TYPE of food is somehow giving a rest to the digestive system; now, opinion is divided on what type of food to favor; some people do “only grapes” types of short fasting in Autumn, some people do “only apples”, some others do “only vegetable soup”, some do “only dilluted lemon or grape juice” …. raw veggies juice seem interesting (with all the anti-oxydant properties) …

  2. thouhgts? errr….maybe you ought to start fresh when the guests leave.

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