‘kindness’ a series of thoughts


  1. The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
  2. A kind act.
kindliness – goodness – favor – favour – affability

I have been thinking a lot about kindness lately and have decided to begin a little series to help flesh out my thoughts.

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I promise I won’t be long winded and I promise that I will at least make a hefty effort at encouraging you (and me!) to be Kindness. For this first post I wanted to simply list the different types of kindness that I have been thinking about, so  here goes the rough draft list.

kindness from a stranger (this will be the subject of my first post)

unexpected kindness

over and above kindness

family-ar kindness

kindness from an enemy

surprised by kindness

unusual kindness

daily kindness

kindness to self

and of course, the ever painful

kindness withheld


Will you kindly come with me on this little journey?

Can you think of any other sorts of kindness that I have missed?

2 Responses to “‘kindness’ a series of thoughts”

  1. Mom says:

    Sounds like a good series. Of course I know that you will cover kindness TO a stranger and kindnes TO an emeny. I will look forward to reading your posts and comments from your readers.

  2. anitajoye says:

    yes, i plan to cover both the giving and receiving. often though, the stories that affect me most are not my own kindness, but watching the kindness of others. it encourages me to be more like that.

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