M-eganism, 10 things I’ve learned.

mowing the grass

My 3 week ‘more vegan’ experiment has ended and here is what I’ve learned.

1. It’s less complicated. No need to go down the meat or cheese aisle! (But, fruit and veg prep can be time consuming.)

2. It’s easy to be unbalanced and eat more carbs, even healthy carbs. It’s important to keep the focus on the VEG.

3. I missed goat cheese and eggs.

4. I did not really miss meat.

5. Growing wheat grass is FUN and DELISH.

6. It is not necessarily less expensive.

7. The few times I ate outside my home (and ate what was provided), I almost always had a stomach ache, reflux, nausea, or um, other unfriendly effects. I would say that this was probably due to the richness of the food and the fact that meat is harder to digest.

8. I am probably not cut out to be a strict vegan, but I have decided to eat vegetarian at home.

9. You do not have to substitute ‘mystery soy’ for meat to enjoy your food.

10. The more veg I eat, the more veg I want to eat.

This experience has pushed me over the edge into vegetarianism at home. I will still make meat dishes on occasion for the family, but this will become less and less. Thankfully I am blessed with a family who loves whole foods and veg so I don’t think this will be that hard. When we are out, I will still eat thankfully and joyfully what is provided, but while at home it’s intentionally high veg for me. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.




6 Responses to “M-eganism, 10 things I’ve learned.”

  1. isabelle says:

    Hi, so interesting to read about wheat grass … can you please offer a tutorial on how to consume it, I would be VERY interested to know how you make it fit in your food plan …

    • Anita says:

      Isa, maybe I can do a post about this, but here is the quik and dirty. :)
      you soak wheat in water over night, then you can put it in a jar with a lid, rinse twice daily. Within 2-3 days it will begin to sprout. You can use it like this in salads, etc. It is sweet. Or, you can throw that onto some dirt and water it, cover it (keep it watered for about 3 days), then as it is about 1.5 inches tall, take the lid off and let it get some sunlight. Let it grow 3-4 inches tall, cut it and then put it in your juicer, or blend into smoothies with a hand blender.

  2. Jesseka says:

    I second everything you posted! Pretty much explains what we’ve done too and we really like it. I haven’t done wheat grass though; might give it a try…

  3. Jeani says:

    I like what you’ve learned! Well said. Especially the part of not using soy products (we don’t really need soy, and most soy in the US is Genetically Modified – Yuck!), and that the more veg you eat, the more veg you crave. So true!! I hope to see you when you come to So Cal. We can have a Pizza party with our wood fired pizza oven.

  4. isabelle says:

    thanks for the details, I used to eat germinated wheat is salads ages ago but none of my family is willing to try it, so I stopped & I had no idea you could use the “grass cuttings” in a juicer … would you also toss some in a salad ?

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