Mobile chickens!









4 Responses to “Mobile chickens!”

  1. mom says:

    Looks great! I hope it helps keep the foxes out of your chicken pen! Dad asked the guy to took our hens and he siad they died in the heat this summer. That was a sad moment for me. I had them in Loeches & here.

    • Neil says:

      sorry to hear about your chickens. bummer!
      The fox came last night again. Now we have this thing inside of our electric fence. And the dog is inside the fence running around. So the fox comes up to the outside of the fence and sniffs around – drives the dog crazy barking.
      But atleast the animals are safe.

  2. John says:

    one of the best projects I’ve seen. It’s valuable on so many fronts. Works for the chickens, protects the eggs, gives the children WONDERFUL memories of how their Dad worked to set up for their chickens and help the family and, provides eggs! Wow, what a great deal!

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