money drain

rocket stove in my fireplace

Since we have been here we have discovered that the whole heating with oil situation is a stinker. In an effort to warm our house less expensively we have been lighting the fire in the fire place.

Sure, it’s cozy and warm and wonderful (within 3 feet of the fire), but is it helping? Not really, and we go through a ton of wood and it’s smokey sometimes.

We’ve been looking up alternative heating systems. The rocket mass heater is one that is super effective with less wood and almost smokeless, but it requires a load of materials, construction, space and time. Right now we are knee deep in other projects, so it’s not really the optimal moment for a huge project. I hope that we will be able to get a hold of this problem before next winter.

This is called a rocket stove…. and I built it out of bricks in the fireplace.

It burns HOT and smaller pieces of wood burn longer than in an open fire. It is also almost smokeless. My hope is that as the bricks warm it will send heat into the room, it’s already hot with little wood. (oh and you can totally build this in less than 10 min). I think I’ll try making dinner on it, just for fun.



4 Responses to “money drain”

  1. John says:

    Great Rocket Stove!! It’s basic but it demonstrates the principle.

  2. Jenn says:

    That’s so cool! How will you cook on it? Is there something that can go across the top? Super neat!

    • anitajoye says:

      We would just put a pan on top, or we could roast hot dogs on sticks. We didn’t though… The week got too complicated!!

  3. Ed says:

    Great Stove!!! Check out They make your life much easier

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