New addition!!!



Many of you already know that I am not exactly a dog person. I’ve always preferred cats who are much more independent and I like their saucy little attitudes. The perfect combination of ‘pet me.-Now go away.’.
But I have been converted to belief in dogs as useful tools on my micro-mini-mini-super-tiny wanna be farm. Yesterday we brought home a super cute Great Pyrenees puppy. She has been named Sweet Pea.
Sweet Pea is a livestock guardian dog. Her former owner has promised me that our predator woes are over with this little munchkin. She should also keep out the groundhogs, deer and other annoyances we seem to be plagued with.
Right now we are working on having her bond with the birds…. And with the humans too. She will be a valuable asset to our family with small children.
You can read read about the Great Pyrenees breed here
The lovely woman we got this dog from also gifted me with 10 laying pullets, they appear to be about 9 weeks old.



On another note…. Elijah’s quail finally started laying!
Here is his first egg, hopefully he will be ready to sell a few soon!


4 Responses to “New addition!!!”

  1. Louise says:

    The dog is SO cute. I love that the quails are laying eggs, what a great project for Elijah too. I ADORE the photo of Elijah, Ana and Evangeline (good to see Evangeline back to her normal colour) Where is Jude the dude, though. Love you all and miss you and cannot wait to meet the dog, see the micro-farm and try a quails egg…

  2. Bern says:

    Beautiful!!! Xxx

  3. jen says:

    We almost got 2 of them in AK. In pairs, they work together. One walks the perimeter of the property while the other stays back at the house to protect that. Great dogs! Well done!

  4. Jasmine says:

    Awesome dog. Ours is part Pyrenees and she’s the best dog we’ve ever had.

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