New Years Day brunch

This morning I got my act together and made a New Years Day Brunch for the fam.

It was delish…

The blue grits are from the local Wildflour Mill here in Lynchburg. You can find them at the Community Market on Main St downtown. Salt, pepper, cheddar… yummmmm.

My kids called this dish a ‘sandwhich’, but I think it’s much more than that.

I think it’s open faced delight.

There are a few things to prepare, but it’s simple enough and worth it.

open faced breakfast sandwich

Open Faced Delight

6 slices rye or sourdough bread, toasted

6 fresh happy chicken eggs, fried in olive oil (soft yolk or runny, however you like it)

1 large bunch of spinach sauteed very briefly in olive oil (I sauteed a clove of garlic in the olive oil first and then removed it)

6-9 slices bacon from pastured pork  cooked to crispy perfection under the broiler, drizzled with maple syrup

Now, pile it all on…

Bread, bacon, spinach, egg, salt, pepper, a bit of everything in every bite. Side of blue grits for good measure…

You won’t need lunch.

You might not need dinner.

What are your New Years Day traditions?

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  1. Mom says:

    Oh my goodness!! how EURO is that??!! I love it! I hope you will make it for me next time we see each other.

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