No commitment CSA

Ever wanted to join a CSA but felt that the commitment was just too much? Ever wanted to sell CSA shares but trembled at the thought of not being able to fill your orders should calamity happen?

For the small time hobby farmer, gardener, micro mini urban farm wanna be that I have going on here, I have a nice little solution.

I am going to make no commitment shares available as I have them.
So I present….!

This weeks CSA ‘no commitment share’ is $8 (if you shop at a farmers market, you know this is reasonable). You get….
1/2 dozen eggs,
strawberry jam (strawberry balsamic peppercorn, or regular low sugar jam),
Roma tomato seedlings,
fresh greens (kale, Swiss chard and if requested, spices purple mustard greens) and to top it off, a lovely bouquet of roses to brighten your day.

I have only three shares available and they must be picked up by 11am Friday morning.
So, if you want to support my micro agricultural projects and help pay for chicken feed, join this week and enjoy without the commitment. ( ps, the jam is super good!!! Strawberries are from a local farm within 15 miles of my home!).


3 Responses to “No commitment CSA”

  1. Susan says:

    awesome!! and about that chicken feed…just asking…are you purchasing the a little more expensive “organic” chicken feed? or what are you doing to keep the animals eating clean?

    • anitajoye says:

      No, not yet. But my chickens feed is comprised of a lot of bugs and grass too since they are moved on pasture. They also get scraps from the kitchen and garden. Some days they barely touch their feed! If I were to be able to begin making a little money, I would gladly switch the an organic feed.

  2. Heather Johnson says:

    What a super smart idea, Anita! I love that you are doing this. :)

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