No more stink bugs?

Could we have less stink bugs this year??? This article thinks that we may!
I sure hate these little buggers!

DO YOU have any tips for exterminating them??

4 Responses to “No more stink bugs?”

  1. tina says:

    gosh, i sure hope so! right now it does not seem that way, as i have bunches of them flying and wandering around my ceilings and windows. i am so sick of them! as we all are, i imagine.

    i talked to my exterminator about them, and you cannot do anything to the masses. you can kill the ones you can spray with peppermint oil or dawn, or i trap them in a bottle with dawn liquid, which dissolves their protective coating, as does the peppermint oil……, but there is nothing they have found out to prevent the ones you dont get from coming back.

    • AnitaJoye says:

      Yesterday i felt something on the top of my head… Twas a stink bug burrowing into my hair. I almost threw up, screamed in horror, ran away, smelled phantom cilantro smell all day. Washed my hands repeatedly…. Horrific.

      • tina says:

        gross! i am so sorry. i had one burrow into my armpit one night and it went off. worst thing ever to wake up to a burning and smelling sensation! then another time one went off on my arm at night and left me with another chemical burn. they are nasty!

  2. John says:

    Eating them is stupid! Those guys in the video are probably selling their books or something else so they are promoting this obviously perverse behavior. It’s just a dumb idea but, if those two want to eat them, I say go ahead and, come please come and eat all the stink bugs at my house also.

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