ONE pancake recipe

this morning i taught the kids a simple pancake recipe.

it is based off a jamie oliver pancake recipe that i adapted a wee bit (after making it his way the first time, I decided it needed more fluff and a bit of salt and sugar).

here it is, simple to remember because everything is ONE

ONE (for all you U2 fans :)

ONE pancake recipe

One mug full of flour

One mug full of milk

One egg

One tbs baking powder

One tbs sugar

One pinch salt

mix and pour into a hot griddle (buttered of course), or caste iron pan.

my son will be making these ALONE tomorrow. he is very excited. my daughter is in charge of the honey butter (equal parts honey and butter melted together, mmmmm).


2 Responses to “ONE pancake recipe”

  1. Jen Reckley says:

    Is that TBSP or tsp? Big difference, thought I would clarify.

  2. anitajoye says:

    TBS not tsp

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