Organ donation, have a heart

So what if someone wanted to give you their liver, heart and tongue? This week I was gifted local cow parts. I spent the morning with my sister making terrines and pâté. It was a blood bath. There was garlic, herbs, onions, wine… There were parts, taste buds and aortas. It was a blood bath…
But a delicious, delicious outcome! I encourage you all to not let organ meats go to waste… If you won’t use them, find someone who will!!!! I accept all organ donations from locally raised beef, poultry or pork! I am also happy to encourage anyone who needs ideas for how to use them.


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  1. Neil says:

    these are particularly yummy. Makes a nice easy meal on crackers or bread. I thought I would miss all the pate de campagne that we purchased in France. But then my wife learned to make it! She’s awesome.

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